Fake formula milk in Malaysia: Authorities waiting for test results

Fake formula milk in Malaysia: Authorities waiting for test results

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The Malaysian authorities raided five premises in Johor Baru on Dec 7 after complaints were received from original milk producers. (Photo: Bernama)

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia's Health Ministry is awaiting test results on the fake infant formula milk seized in Johor last week to determine what exactly was in the product. 

“The Health Ministry is conducting a lab research to determine the actual content of the milk powder,” said Malaysian Health Minister S Subramaniam on Thursday (Dec 14). 

“The lab results will take two weeks to be completed and after that we will prepare a full detailed report on the content of the milk to show how it has been contaminated and proven to be fake,” he added.

Speaking on the sidelines of a hospital groundbreaking ceremony, the minister also said the green light has been given to the domestic trade ministry to confiscate suspected counterfeit baby formula milk.

Last Thursday, about 210 boxes of baby milk formula worth RM42,000 (US$10,290) were confiscated in five raids across the state of Johor.

According to Johor's domestic trade director Khairul Anwar Bachok, the raid was conducted after complaints by genuine milk producers since August.

“It is based on reports received over a baby who had been vomiting after drinking the milk which was fake,” he said.

More parents have since come forward with accounts of their children falling ill after consuming potentially fake formula milk. 

The milk seized last week were boxes of fake Enfalac A+ Step 1. The manufacturer of the genuine product later took to Facebook to advise parents on how to spot the difference between a fake product and the real deal.

Source: Bernama/CNA/zl