Father and son risk dangerous broken bridge to get to school in Pahang

Father and son risk dangerous broken bridge to get to school in Pahang

Kuala Lipis bridge crossing
Screengrab from a video posted by Facebook user Siti Zaharah showing her husband and son crossing a broken bridge so the latter could get to school. 

KUALA LIPIS, Pahang: A man led his son precariously across a collapsed suspension bridge on Tuesday (Jan 2), just so he could help his child make it to his first day of school in Kuala Lipis. 

In two videos posted by the child's mother, Siti Zaharah, the duo can be seen walking gingerly across what looks like nothing more than a long piece of scrap metal, clinging on to each other, as well as to a cable for balance. 

Siti reportedly said that her son was excited to get to school, but first, he had to cross what she wryly described as a "sophisticated bridge". 

The New Straits Times said that the 85m-long bridge had been damaged for more than a year. It added that the 40-year-old father decided to use it anyway because the road in the village was affected by flash floods.

Siti's posts had been shared at least 1,000 times by Tuesday evening. Comments were mixed, with some criticising the parents for taking what they called a "dangerous" way out, while others called for more information about bridge repairs. 

In an update, Siti said Jelai state assemblyman Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail had visited the family and said that repairs have been scheduled for Jan 8.

Footage of the meeting, which was uploaded in the comments section, showed Wan Rosdy advising the family, as well as other residents, to "prioritise safety". He also said that the whole bridge issue was a "misunderstanding".