Father in jail, 12-year-old Malaysian boy minds 5 siblings after mother dies in accident

Father in jail, 12-year-old Malaysian boy minds 5 siblings after mother dies in accident

12-year-old boy minds siblings
Muhammad Aiman Syazwan has to care for his five siblings after his mother's death and while his father is still in prison. (Photo: Bernama)

REMBAU, Negeri Sembilan: Unlike other 12-year-old boys, Muhammad Aiman Syazwan Mohd Fouzi landed the adult task of caring for his five siblings aged two to 10 when his mother was killed in a road accident while his father was in jail.

It has been almost two weeks and the young boy has been looking after his four sisters and a brother.

His mother, Nor Amira Sahran was killed in a road accident on Apr 25 at Ladang Sungai Baru, when returning home from work at Rembau Bank Simpanan Nasional.

The tragic news which befell the six young children went viral on social media and quickly caught the public's attention.

At the house of his aunt Nor Azila Sahran on Wednesday (May 8), the Year Six pupil said he is adapting to his new role as the head of the family.

“My mother’s routine was to prepare breakfast for us before going to work ... Mother would also take Yana (Nor Aina Syazliana) from the kindergarten after her shift and Lin (Nor Aina Syazlin) and Lina (Nor Aina Syazlina) from school at 1.35pm.

“After that, my mother would take me and Wani (Nor Aina Syazwani) in the evening after extra class in school and would be in the house to take care of Rizal (Muhammad Aiman Syazrizal) before going to work in the evening,” he said.

Muhammad Aiman Syazwan said his mother had taught him how to help care for his siblings in her absence.

“Sometimes when my mother was not at home, I would cook for my sisters and brother like instant noodles, rice and sausages which my mother had assigned,” he said.

Nor Azila, 38, said she will be caring for her six nieces and nephews.

“I had been helping to mind them since they were babies and during school holidays they would be staying with me and the youngest child was in fact breastfed by me and I considered them as my own children," said the housewife.

The Negeri Sembilan Social Welfare Department, through the Rembau Welfare Office, presented RM300 to Nor Azila as an initial contribution on Monday.

The Rembau Welfare Office has told Nor Azila to apply for children's assistance and contacted other organisations who can provide other assistance for the children, she added.

“The Welfare Department via its Rembau office will continue to monitor the guardian and the children from time to time on the progress of the children." 

Source: Bernama/jt(mn)