Good Samaritan rescues 70-year-old Chinese woman from frozen river

Good Samaritan rescues 70-year-old Chinese woman from frozen river

Ice ice baby rescue
Screengrabs show Shi and another man attempting to pull the elderly woman to safety. (Image: YouTube/CCTV)

HEBEI: A 54-year-old man has been hailed a hero after he leapt into a freezing river in northern China to rescue an elderly woman.

The dramatic rescue, as reported by several Chinese media outlets, took place in Hebei province on Tuesday (Dec 26). reported that Shi Lei was cycling to work when he saw the 70-year-old woman fall into an icy river. While other passers-by on a nearby bridge called for the police, Shi crawled across the half-frozen river and attempted to pull the woman out.

In a video released by Chinese news agency CCTV, the man can be seen struggling for more than a minute as he tries to haul the woman to safety. He also attempts to smash the ice with his bare hands in order to save the woman.

Another man later came to Shi’s aid and hung on to his clothes to prevent Shi from falling into the water. He also laid a wooden plank on the surface of the ice to prevent them from falling through.

CCTV said that Shi accompanied the woman home after she was pulled to safety. He then reportedly took a shower and had a bowl of ginger water before he went to work.

Source: CNA/zl