Images of children showering ‘not a big problem’ in Indonesia: Top envoy in Hong Kong

Images of children showering ‘not a big problem’ in Indonesia: Top envoy in Hong Kong

Hong Kong children videoed in shower
The 17-minute video was posted online before it was taken down. (Screengrab: Facebook)

HONG KONG: Indonesia’s top diplomat in Hong Kong has said that showing pictures or videos of naked children showering is “not a big problem” in Indonesia, even as he acknowledged that posting images of someone without their consent could be illegal.

Indonesian consul general Tri Tharyat's comments, made in response to queries from the South China Morning Post (SCMP), comes after the arrest of an Indonesian domestic worker in Hong Kong who allegedly live-streamed footage of her giving showers to her employer’s three children, who were naked.

The children, two boys and a girl, are reportedly aged between five and seven.

The helper, 28, had allegedly streamed the 17-minute live video on Facebook despite one of the children telling her not to.

She is being investigated by Hong Kong police for publishing child pornography.

In a statement published by the SCMP, the Indonesian consul general was quoted as saying: “There’s a cultural difference between Hong Kong and Indonesia in expressing love to someone else’s children, for example, kissing or hugging children.

“For Indonesians, it’s not a big problem to post a picture or video of naked children in the shower.”

However, the consul general acknowledged that the laws in Hong Kong highly valued “the rights of privacy” and that posting pictures or videos of someone without their permission or consent could be illegal, the SCMP reported.

The Indonesian diplomat added that the consulate had already advised its citizens not to act carelessly in posting such material and not to post pornography.

In response to Channel NewsAsia's queries, the Consulate General of Indonesia in Hong Kong said in a statement that it was "deeply concerned" about the case and will assist the arrested domestic helper.

"We never had an opinion that she did it with ill intention towards the children, let alone (for) pornographic purposes."

The consulate general is in "close contact" with Hong Kong police and will visit the helper soon, it added.

"The Consulate General has already advised all Indonesian citizens in Hong Kong not to carelessly take and post images/photos/videos without consent or to post pornography. We are going to continuously (make) such efforts."

Source: CNA/aj