Indian aircraft technician crushed by landing gear

Indian aircraft technician crushed by landing gear

spicejet q400 bombardier
A Q400 in SpiceJet livery. (Photo: Bombardier)

KOLKATA: A trainee technician in India was crushed to death just after midnight on Wednesday (Jul 10) by the landing gear flaps on an aircraft while conducting maintenance work, airline SpiceJet said.

"Inadvertently, the main landing gear hydraulic door closed and he got stuck in between the hydraulic door flaps," SpiceJet said after the incident at Kolkata airport in eastern India.

"The hydraulic doors were broken to rescue (Rohit) Pandey but he was declared dead," the airline said. "The entire SpiceJet family stands together in grief in this unfortunate incident."

Airport director Kaushik Bhattacharya said that Pandey, 26, was "sucked into the lower end of the aircraft due to hydraulic pressure. His body had to be cut out of it".

Bhattacharya added that a team from the aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has visited the site of the accident.

"DGCA has already started an inquiry," Bhattacharjee told Reuters.

The aircraft was a Canadian Bombardier Q400.

In 2017, low-cost carrier SpiceJet agreed to buy up to 50 Q400 aircraft from Bombardier in a deal estimated to be worth up to US$1.7 billion. The Q400 aircraft programme is now owned by Canadian plane manufacturer Viking Air.

Source: Agencies/aa/zl