Indonesian civil servants face disciplinary action for missing work after Hari Raya holidays

Indonesian civil servants face disciplinary action for missing work after Hari Raya holidays

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JAKARTA: Indonesia’s civil servants who failed to return to work after the Hari Raya Puasa holidays will face disciplinary action ranging from warnings to demotions, authorities said as they attempt to clamp down on what appears to be a recurring problem.

Home Affairs Minister Tjahjo Kumolo was quoted as saying by news site Tempo that action would be taken against those absent on Monday (Jun 10), the first work day after the festive holidays.

He said the punishment would be imposed to maintain discipline in the ministry.

“ASN (state civil apparatus) who did not come to work and not attend the flag ceremony (this) morning without reliable reason will receive a written warning from the secretary-general and a cut on (their) performance allowance,” the minister said in a statement released via WhatsApp.

Employees who skipped work would also face a three-day suspension, although exceptions would be given to those who were ill or had imminent family business to attend to.

Jakarta governor Anies Baswedan also said that action would be taken against city employees who were absent or late on Monday.

“Of course, they will face a sanction based on the existing regulations,” he said, according to a separate Tempo report.

He noted that 66,087 state employees or 99.73 per cent started work on Monday. Only 185 people or 0.27 per cent did not come in time.

Mr Baswedan noted that according to the government regulations, there are different degrees of disciplinary actions, ranging from a verbal warning, withholding of salary increments and even demotion.

This year's Hari Raya holidays lasted from Jun 3 to Jun 7.

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There have been earlier instances of absenteeism among civil servants following major holidays.

Last June, Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Minister Asman Abnur issued a statement reminding civil servants to return to work after Hari Raya Puasa.

“I am reminding all state employees to go back to work as normal on Thursday (Jun 21, 2018). I believe you all can be disciplined and follow such instructions,” he said then.

Meanwhile, a report by Antara news agency said North Maluku's provincial government also sanctioned state employees who failed to resume office duties after the holidays, or if they extended their holidays.

"Today, we will outline sanctions to be imposed on ASN for failing to turn up at office on the first day of work after the Eid al-Fitr holiday," said Regional Secretary of the North Maluku Provincial Government Bambang Hermawan on Monday.

He said those who failed to resume their duties will face a host of sanctions in the form of periodic salary delays to deferment in promotions.

Source: CNA/aw