Indonesian 'two-faced' car impounded following joyride

Indonesian 'two-faced' car impounded following joyride

Two face car
It has always been Rodi Gunawan's dream to own a "two-faced" car. (Photo:

BANDUNG: A 71-year-old mechanic in Indonesia has had his dreams dashed after police impounded his custom “two-faced” car, local news portal reported on Saturday (Jan 20).

Roni Gunawan, from Bandung, said he had always wanted to own a “two-faced” car. According to the report, Rodi achieved his dream by welding together the front-halves of two orange Toyota Vios cars.

He told local media that the three month process involved three welders, three painters and “several mechanics”.

Two faced car 2
Rodi Gunawan poses with his "two-faced" car. (Photo:

As seen in a video posted on social media, Rodi’s car is fully functional. He told that each end can be driven.

However, the authorities have since seized Rodi's unusual vehicle, claiming that it violated road safety rules.  

Rodi was spotted by the authorities while driving from Pasteur to Sukajadi. 

A Metro report quoted Bandung senior traffic police officer Hilman Rawalasi saying that the car violated several Indonesian traffic rules, including regulations regarding vehicle roadworthiness and safety signals. 

Hilman added that the car does not have a reverse light and is not of an "appropriate dimension".

“Also, the car has two number plates bearing two different vehicle registration numbers,” he added. confirmed that the authorities have allowed Rodi to keep his novel ride, after he submitted a declaration promising to not use it on the road again. 

Source: CNA/zl