'My patience has its limit', says Anwar as he urges PKR unity

'My patience has its limit', says Anwar as he urges PKR unity

KUALA KANGSAR, Perak: Parti Keadilan Rakyat's (PKR) president Anwar Ibrahim said on Tuesday (Dec 3) that although he was always patient and open to criticism, his patience has its limits. 

This is especially against those who view PKR as a weak party, he said. 

“I am patient (when people have views) as I believe everyone has a right to air their views. 

“However, I can’t (accept) when there are those who view the party (PKR) as divided, weak … as it is my responsibility to build its strength,” he added. 

The Port Dickson lawmaker also reiterated his support for Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, saying that Dr Mahathir's responsibilities were not easy to shoulder. 

"Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to meet him and we chatted for quite a while. I took a stand to lend my fullest support to him as the head," said Mr Anwar, who was speaking at the Perak PKR convention. 

"We should not complicate things, we must stay united and not divided,” he added. 

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There have been signs of infighting within PKR.

In particular, Mr Anwar is believed to be at odds with PKR’s deputy president Azmin Ali, with the latter choosing to stay away from several important party events recently

Azmin Ali and Anwar Ibrahim
Anwar Ibrahim (right) and Azmin Ali. (File photo: Bernama) 

Last month, Mr Azmin, who is also the economic affairs minister, drew Mr Anwar’s ire after he reportedly met some opposition figures in his residence to discuss how to shore up support for Dr Mahathir. 

This came after calls for Dr Mahathir to step down and hand over to Mr Anwar after Pakatan Harapan was soundly defeated in the Tanjung Piai by-election.

Mr Azmin’s faction is also rumoured to be planning an alternative assembly at the same time as PKR’s official congress in Melaka next week.

Source: Bernama/ad