‘Double the speed, half the price’ for broadband: Malaysia’s communications minister

‘Double the speed, half the price’ for broadband: Malaysia’s communications minister

Gobind Singh Deo
File photo of Malaysia's Minister of Communications and Multimedia Gobind Singh Deo taking his oath during a swearing-in ceremony. (Photo: AFP/Department of Information/Maszuandi Adnan)

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia's new communications and multimedia minister Gobind Singh Deo said he will work towards achieving broadband connections that are “double the speed, half the price”.

The public has complained about the quality of broadband in Malaysia, which Mr Gobind said is far inferior to that of other developed countries.

Mr Gobind, who started his first day in office on Wednesday (May 23), said he will look at various aspects including problems faced by telecommunications companies and find solutions to improve the quality of broadband services in the country.

"If we look at broadband in other countries, the service provided differs greatly from what we (Malaysia) have, so there is no reason why we cannot emulate other systems from overseas. That's one thing I will try to do, (which is) also part of the 100 day plan," he said during a television interview.

He added that he will also hold a meeting with telecommunications companies to discuss the matter.

Mr Gobind also said he is committed to ensuring freedom of the press, which includes criticism of the government.

Accurate news reports without bias will better shape the minds of the people, he said. 

"In Pakatan Harapan (PH), we are advocating to uphold the principle of freedom for all parties, and an important aspect of this is the media.

"If we want to have a debate, I don't think there is a problem with that. We are actually debating (with each other) every day, even at the coffeeshop," he said.

The Puchong MP also welcomed criticism of the PH government by the opposition in parliament.

"I hope they are given (the) full opportunity to debate in parliament and bring up issues close to the hearts of the people, criticising our government where necessary.

"We should not have a Speaker who blocks the opposition from bringing up issues, and that's the main difference between us and the previous government," he said.

Source: Bernama/zl(mn)