Malaysia Election Commission denies allegation it's hiding results

Malaysia Election Commission denies allegation it's hiding results

malaysia election commission chairman hashim abdullah
Malaysia Election Commission chairman Hashim Abdullah. 

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia's election commission has rejected Mahathir Mohamad's allegation that it is hiding the official results of the general elections.

"We just want to be sure," the commission's chairman Hashim Abdullah said at a press conference early on Thursday (May 10). "We (sic) make sure that all the 222 seats in parliament will be announced and also 505 state seats and we will declare (them) accordingly." 

Hashim also called for the people to be patient, adding that some voting stations are in "remote areas". 

"We have been working very hard to do our best in order to get the information from all over the country," he said. 

"Don't say that the Election Commission is blocking, or the Election Commission won't allow the release of results and all that. It's not true. We are also here waiting."

His announcement came shortly after Mahathir claimed that the election commission was deliberately withholding the results of the election

"It would seem that in many of the constituencies the counting has actually finished, but the officer concerned refused to sign Form 14. Because of that, the official announcement cannot be made," Mahathir said earlier at a press conference. 

"It is likely there's some hanky-panky being done in order to frustrate the wishes of the people."

Source: CNA/dl