Malaysia election: PAS wrests Terengganu from BN, retains Kelantan

Malaysia election: PAS wrests Terengganu from BN, retains Kelantan

PAS celebrate
PAS supporters in Kota Bharu on polling night. (Photo: Fadza Ishak) 

KOTA BHARU: Muslim opposition party Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) has gained control of the Terengganu state government, and retained control of the Kelantan state government during Malaysia’s 14th general election.

On Thursday morning (May 10), Malaysia’s Election Commission confirmed that PAS clinched 22 state seats in Terengganu and 37 state seats in Kelantan, out of 31 and 45 seats respectively. The seats were enough to grant PAS a simple majority to seize control of these two states. 

PAS lost Terengganu to the Barisan Nasional coalition in 2013, after it won only 14 seats in comparison to BN's 17 seats. 

PAS has held Kelantan since 1990, and has won in the northern state for seven consecutive polls now. 

For parliamentary federal seats, PAS won six seats out of eight in Terengganu. The party's president Abdul Hadi Awang retained his Marang seat after winning 59.27 per cent of the votes against BN's Mohamad Nor Endot and Parkatan Harapan's (PH) Zarawi Sulong. 

In Kelantan, the Islamic party won nine out of 14 parliamentary seats available. 

BN won the remaining five seats, with veteran politicians Mustapa Mohamed and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah clinching their respective seats in Jeli and Gua Musang.


The PH coalition saw rising support in many key areas throughout the country at this election, but failed to secure a single seat in the northeast states of Kelantan and Terengganu. 

New leader for PH's Islamic wing Parti Amanah Negara Nik Omar Nik Abdul Aziz won just 12.06 per cent of the votes in the state seat of Chempaka. PAS candidate Ahmad Fathan Mahmod secured 52.63 per cent of the votes to win the seat. 

Amanah chief Husam Musa lost the Kota Bharu parliamentary seat to PAS' Takiyuddin Hassan, who won after winning 42.24 per cent of the votes. 

Source: CNA/am