Chicken supply in Johor feared affected by floods in Kota Tinggi

Chicken supply in Johor feared affected by floods in Kota Tinggi

Malaysia chickens
File photo of chickens in Malaysia. (Photo: AFP/Jimin Lai)

KOTA TINGGI, Johor: The supply of chicken in the state of Johor could be affected due to a disruption to the poultry production at a farm.

The two-acre Bukit Cerakai Farm in Johor filled with water of up to 1.5m following heavy rain that started last Saturday, Kota Tinggi East Area Farmers Association (PPK) general manager Mohd Ainuddin Wahid said on Thursday (Dec 19).

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The farm, which has 10 chicken coops with 60,000 chickens, is covered with mud and its equipment, such as water pumps and mini tractors, were damaged.

“Luckily, we have sold 40,000 birds in the fourth round of production last month. Due to floods, we have to delay the next production, and this will affect chicken supply in the state,” Mr Mohd Ainuddin said.

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The cleanup process is expected to be completed in one to three months, involving 50 workers, he said. The cost of clean up and revenue loss is estimated at RM100,000 (US$24,143).

The poultry farm goes through five to six production rounds annually, with each round involving 60,000 birds.

“In addition, the farm also has 560 acres of oil palm affected by floods. About 168 tonnes of oil palm fruits were damaged and could not be sold,” he said. The crop loss is estimated at RM60,000.

Source: Bernama/aa(hm)