Malaysia's Najib unveils new bonuses, flexible work days and more parental benefits for civil servants

Malaysia's Najib unveils new bonuses, flexible work days and more parental benefits for civil servants

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This handout photo taken and released by Malaysia's Department of Information on October 27, 2017 shows Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak (R) presenting the 2018 budget at Parliament House in Kuala Lumpur. (Photo: FANDY AZLAN / DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION / AFP)

KUALA LUMPUR: A special payment of RM1,500 (US$354) will be given to 1.6 million civil servants in the country, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak announced on Friday (Oct 27)  as he delivered his budget speech in the parliament.

The prime minister, who is also Minister of Finance, said the payment will be made in two separate payouts.

Of the two payouts, RM1,000 and will be paid in early January 2018, while the balance of RM500 will be paid during Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

“This is the right time to acknowledge public servants who have been loyal and provide efficient and effective public service delivery to the rakyat (people),” he said.

Najib also announced that a special payment of RM750 will be given to government retirees, of which RM500 will be paid out in January 2018. The balance will be paid out during Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Najib added that civil servants who are still serving a period exceeding 13 years since their last promotion will be eligible for a second-time promotion. This will come into effect on Jan 1, 2018.

Public servants who retire because of medical reasons will also be provided with benefits similar to those who retire at the compulsory age.


Najib also announced during his speech that public servants will be allowed cash awards in lieu of accumulated leave of more than 150 days to be taken during the retirement year and added that the special leave for education officers will be increased from seven to 10 days a year.

Additionally, unrecorded leave of up to seven days will be provided to public servants throughout their service for the purpose of umrah (pilgrimage to Mecca). 

Flexible working hours one day a week will be offered to medical specialists who have a qualification of Grade UD54 and above. They must also have served a minimum of four years and meet certain requirements.

He said the government will also introduce new working hours from 9am to 6pm to provide further flexibility to public servants.


Women will also benefit from an increase in total maternity leave from 300 days to 360 days throughout their service subject to a maximum of 90 days a year.

Najib added that working women who are five (or more) months into their pregnancy will be allowed to leave work an hour earlier.

“To accompany them, husbands are also allowed leave work an hour earlier with a condition that the couple are working within the same location,” he said.

Najib said the government will also encourage life-long learning among public servants through in-house Master's and PhD programmes, set minimum pension of RM1,000 per month and extend the medical facilities to parents of retirees.

Source: Bernama/aa