Malaysia will not progress if women's roles are ignored: Najib

Malaysia will not progress if women's roles are ignored: Najib

Najib at Wanita Gemilang event
Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak at the launch of the logo and brand for Empowering Women Year 2018 in Putrajaya. (Photo: Twitter/NajibRazak) 

PUTRAJAYA: Nations will not progress and succeed if the role of women is ignored in the process of national development, said Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak on Wednesday (Jan 17), adding that Malaysia is committed to do more to empower women. 

Speaking at the launching of the logo and brand for Empowering Women Year 2018, Mr Najib said the government under his leadership will ensure that women get more opportunities and greater involvement in the decision-making process, whether in the public or private sector.

"As a government, we are determined to constantly elevate the role and dignity of the women in the country. Our record is most impressive in this regard, but we are still not satisfied (with this achievement).

What more in the globalisation era and the 4.0 Industrial Revolution? The role of women is becoming more important,” he said.

Mr Najib added that this theme of female empowerment was considered when he tabled the 2018 budget. Four programmes will be introduced, including one on investment literacy and another called Industrial Revolution 4.0, a push for technological innovation in Malaysia.

He hopes the programmes to empower women can be successfully implemented with the full support of everyone, including non-governmental organisations that champion women’s rights.

"I am confident and believe that if all these programmes are implemented fully, we will see the elevation of women in the context of our national development," Mr Najib said.

"We also do not forget to focus on the B40 group. One of the programmes is to push up their income within a short period,” he added, referring to low-income households in the bottom 40 per cent, with a household income of RM3,900 (US$985) and below per month.

Source: Bernama/aa