Malaysian man killed by 3.5m-long python he caught to sell

Malaysian man killed by 3.5m-long python he caught to sell

The snake attacked and killed a man who had caught it. (Photo: Selangor Fire and Rescue Department)

KUALA LANGAT, Selangor: A man who caught a 3.5 metre-long python and is believed to have wanted to sell it ended up being strangled to death by the reptile early on Sunday (Jun 28). 

Mr Zaim Khalis Kosnan, 35, found the snake on his way home after a night out with some friends in Jenjarom, a town in the Kuala Langat district of Selangor. He died of asphyxiation after his neck was strangled by the python at about 3am.

His brother-in-law, Mr Mohd Noor Radiman, said he was told that the victim only held the snake's head while returning home on a motorcycle.

“The python began to coil around his body and constricted his neck when he was on his way home. He then fell off the motorcycle along with the snake.

“He was already dead when the passers-by found him by the roadside,” he said at Banting Hospital's forensic department. 

Mr Noor said no one in the family knew whether the victim was trained to catch snakes but fellow villagers had seen him doing it before.

Kuala Langat district police chief Azizan Tukiman said passers-by at the scene had attempted to rescue the victim but he was already dead by then.

“The members of the public then killed the python. The victim was believed to have caught the reptile for sale,” he said in a statement.

The case has been classified as sudden death.

Source: Bernama/mz