Malaysian police appeal for 'time and space' to probe pastor Raymond Koh's disappearance

Malaysian police appeal for 'time and space' to probe pastor Raymond Koh's disappearance

The authorities asked that the public stop making "unfounded" conclusions, which they said could jeopardise police proceedings and even endanger the victim's life.

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian police have appealed to the public to give them "time and space" to investigate the alleged abduction of pastor Raymond Koh.

The director at non-governmental organisation Harapan Komuniti has been missing since Feb 13. A viral video that surfaced over the weekend purportedly shows his kidnapping.

In a statement issued on Tuesday (Mar 7), Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar responded to "denunciation that nothing has been done about the case", saying investigations into cases such as abductions are "complex and always have the potential for serious risk to life".

Such situations require a cautious police response, he added.

IGP Khalid also said that authorities must avoid making "untimely statements of responses that would complicate ongoing investigations". "The public and the media must stop making unfounded speculations that would not only jeopardise police investigations, but most importantly, the life of the victim," he said.

The pastor's wife released a separate statement on Tuesday, saying she has met a police task force set up to investigate her husband's abduction.

"I left this meeting feeling more reassured that the police are doing their best to find my husband, even if there are no significant leads yet. I am assured that the police regard this as (a) priority case, and have dedicated many officers to work with the task force."

Ms Susanna Liew added: "As this is an active investigation, I ask for the public to please give the police space to conduct their work, without undue speculation or unverified allegations."

"In this difficult time, I find solace in the solidarity and support Malaysians have given us as a family," Ms Liew added, noting candlelight vigils held for pastor Koh on Sunday.

Source: CNA/hs