Man attacked by Komodo dragon in Indonesia

Man attacked by Komodo dragon in Indonesia

komodo attack
The attack by the Komodo dragon left the man with a bloodied left calf. (Photo: Facebook/Boat Charter Komodo)

SINGAPORE: A man was attacked by a Komodo dragon in West Manggarai, in Indonesia's East Nusa Tenggara province on Wednesday (May 3) morning.

The man, believed to be a tourist from Singapore, was in the area to visit the Komodo National Park, park official Sudiyono told The Jakarta Post.

The man had approached several Komodo dragons that were feeding, and tried to take photos of them despite warnings from the locals, said Sudiyono. He added that the incident took place away from the area where tourists are allowed to watch Komodo dragons.

The attack left the man with a bloodied left calf, seen in photos of the aftermath circulating on Facebook. He was treated at a nearby medical centre before being taken to Siloam General Hospital on a military speedboat.

There had earlier been confusion over the man's identity: The Jakarta Post named the injured man as Lon Lee Alle, a 50-year-old tourist from Singapore, and an earlier Facebook post by Boat Charter Komodo said the man was from Malaysia. 

On Thursday, a local police spokesman identified the man as Singaporean Loh Lee Aik, 67, AFP said.

Sudiyono said that this was the first incident of a human being bitten by a Komodo dragon in five years.

Source: CNA/xk