McDonald's apologises for cockroach legs found in coffee at Bangkok outlet

McDonald's apologises for cockroach legs found in coffee at Bangkok outlet

Mcdonald's coffee
A customer at a McDonald's outlet on Rama IV Road posted a picture of a cup of coffee with what appears to be cockroach legs in it. (Photo: Nostalgic Eik/Facebook) 

BANGKOK: McDonald's has apologised after a customer at an outlet in Bangkok found what appeared to be cockroach legs floating in a cup of coffee. 

Facebook user Nostalgic Eik had posted a picture on Tuesday (Oct 17) of the coffee he ordered, with bits of what he described as "cockroach legs" floating inside. 

Thinking that the "cockroach legs" might have been in the cup before the coffee was poured in, he asked a staff member to replace it.

“But when the employees poured another cup, it seemed that they found more cockroach legs in the coffee. I felt even more terrible," he wrote in a Facebook post on McDonald's Thailand's page. 

The post has since gone viral, with over 1,700 shares and more than 14,000 reactions as of Friday afternoon. 

On Thursday night, McDonald's Thailand posted a statement on Facebook to "apologise for the incident" and assured customers that all its employees would follow the fast food chain's safety standards. 

The statement added that the outlet manager apologised to the customer after learning about the incident and immediately provided a fresh cup of coffee. 

McDonald's added that the staff members at the outlet had opened the coffee maker to check and clean it, in line with the company's food safety standards. The machine was taken away for inspection. 

Source: CNA/am