Razer CEO replaces Australian boy's stolen Christmas gift

Razer CEO replaces Australian boy's stolen Christmas gift

callum razer keyboard
Callum, 12, poses with his brand new Razer keyboard. (Photo: Min-Liang Tan/Facebook)

An Australian boy who had his Christmas gift stolen was presented with a replacement Razer keyboard and an additional gaming suite by the Singapore gaming hardware company.

In a Facebook post on Sunday (Dec 24), Razer's chief executive officer Tan Min-Liang said that the company learned from the news that a thief had stolen a Razer keyboard that was meant to be 12-year-old Callum's Christmas gift.

According to the Daily Telegraph, a thief had stolen some tools, laptop computers, a credit card and Christmas presents from a household in Sydney.

Callum's mother Adela Courteille said that the thief had gained access to their underground garage and made away with the items. 

“I can understand tools and a credit card but what is the thief going to do with a Barbie doll, a small play handbag and other tools for our daughter Chelsea?" Courteille told The Daily Telegraph.

She added that Callum's present, a Razer keyboard, would be "harder and more expensive to replace".

This is where Mr Tan stepped in to help the Australian family replace at least one of their stolen Christmas gifts. 

He got in touch with Callum's family after posting an appeal on Twitter on Saturday.

By Sunday, Mr Tan posted an update on Facebook and Twitter stating that Razer had replaced Callum's gaming keyboard.

"I'm glad to say Team Razer Australia managed to get our reindeer, sleigh and red outfit together to get him his keyboard ... and an entire gaming suite, all in time for Christmas!" read Mr Tan's post.

Source: CNA/aa