Road near Genting Highlands caves in; no injuries reported

Road near Genting Highlands caves in; no injuries reported

Genting Highland road collapse
The 30-metre deep landslide was discovered early on Friday morning (Apr 6). (Photo: Mds Shan/ Facebook) 

KUANTAN: Part of the main road leading to an educational institution near Genting Highlands collapsed early on Friday morning (Apr 6). 

A 30-metre-deep sunken surface was discovered by a security guard at Aminuddin Baki Institute at around 1.30am. 

“Electricity in the area has been temporarily disconnected because power cables in the affected area were affected by the collapse,” said Bentong Malaysian Civil Defence Force (APM) officer Lieutenant Mohd Zulkhairi Adek,

He said no one was injured, adding that the road caved in during normal weather. 

The Pahang Fire and Rescue Department is investigating if there were burst underground pipes in the area.

Meanwhile, the department's deputy director Mohd Sani Harul said the road along the affected stretch has been closed to traffic until further notice.

People in a building located about 10 metres from the scene were also ordered to vacate, he added. 

Source: Bernama/am