South Korean actor accused of sexual assault found dead

South Korean actor accused of sexual assault found dead

jo min ki found dead amid sexual assault accusations
The actor was found dead in his home in Seoul. (Photo: Han Cinema)

SEOUL: A South Korean actor accused of sexual assault in a spiralling wave of #MeToo accusations in the country was found dead on Friday (Mar 9), Yonhap news agency reported.

Jo Min-ki, who had been accused of molesting at least eight victims, was found dead at his home in Seoul, Yonhap cited police as saying, adding that he was suspected to have committed suicide.

Most of his accusers were drama students at a provincial university where he taught, Yonhap said, adding that the 52-year-old had been forced out of his professorship over the scandal, leaving his career in tatters.

According to the Korea Herald, the accusers charged that he had used his status as a professor to sexually humiliate them. There was also another report of Jo's purported attempt to rape a coffee shop employee.

Jo initially denied the allegations against him before eventually issuing an apology in February.

His roles were mainly in television series, but he also appeared in a number of films.

The #MeToo movement has gradually gained ground in South Korea, where accusations of abuse have been laid against prominent men in fields ranging from politics to the arts.

Earlier this week, provincial governor and former presidential contender Ahn Hee-jung resigned after an aide accused him of multiple rapes.

He presented himself to prosecutors on Friday for questioning, apologising and saying he would cooperate with the investigation.

Source: AFP/CNA/aa