Syndicates found lacing pre-mixed drinks with drugs: Malaysia police

Syndicates found lacing pre-mixed drinks with drugs: Malaysia police

Malaysia drug laced drinks
The spiked drink mixes were sold at entertainment centres. (Photo: Bernama)

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian police have identified 30 brands of soft drinks as well as pre-mixed coffee and tea sachets that were repacked after being spiked with drugs. 

The items were then sold at entertainment centres throughout the country, said the chief of Bukit Aman Narcotics Criminal Investigation Division (NCID) Mohmad Salleh on Wednesday (Aug 1). 

“Among the drugs identified in drink packets are Eramin 5, ketamine, syabu and ecstasy,” he said.

According to Mohmad Salleh, the tactic of lacing drinks with drugs is meant to distract the authorities as well as to distribute the products to more young people. He has advised consumers to check the packaging for signs of tampering. 

“So far, police have found the laced sachets at entertainment centres but do not rule out the possibility it could have proliferated into the local market to make them easier to obtain.

“Members of the public have been advised to check such drink packing carefully to avoid buying sachets spiked with drugs,” he cautioned.

Several entertainment centres were raided after the discovery.

Mohmad Salleh said this method of trafficking drugs is a new threat in Malaysia and the police are in talks with the brands involved on improving their packaging.  

A report by the New Straits Times identified the 30 affected brands, including MyCafe. 

The brand made headlines earlier this year when several people were hospitalised after consuming its 4-in-1 Penang Durian White Coffee. Seven of the victims tested positive for drugs

Malaysian authorities had said several packages of the product had been tampered with, and there was no evidence to suggest that the main product line was contaminated.

This is the full list of affected brands:

  1. Packet labelled “Detox Hi - Fibre Mango”
  2. Packet labelled “Mango”
  3. Packet labelled “Premium Tongkat Ali Coffee V3 Cool”
  4. Packet bearing a logo of the Eiffel Tower
  5. Packet bearing a logo of the cartoon character Hello Kitty
  6. Packet bearing a butterfly logo
  7. A green/yellow packet containing the word “Hicomi”
  8. Packet labelled “My Cafe”
  9. Packet labelled “Ribena Blackcurrant Fruit Juice”
  10. Packet labelled “Ice Lemon Tea”
  11. Packet labelled “Long Jing Green Tea”
  12. Packet labelled “Fruit Powder Drinks”
  13. Packet labelled “Premium Quality Vitamin C - Lamborghini”
  14. Packet labelled “V-Cool”
  15. Packet labelled “Cadbury Hot Chocolate”
  16. Packet labelled “Apache Ice Cool”
  17. Packet labelled “Lime Juice”
  18. Packet labelled “Magic Chew Mango”
  19. Packet labelled “Ejuss Ginseng”
  20. Packet labelled “Evo_X”
  21. Packet labelled “Essenso/Milo/Coffee”
  22. Packet labelled “Utix”
  23. Packet labelled “Greeen White Coffee”
  24. Packet labelled “Coffee Mix”
  25. Packet labelled “Boh Ice Tea”
  26. Packet labelled “Green Apple Powder”
  27. Packet labelled “Ice Blended Milkshake”
  28. Packet bearing the logos of a dragonfly or a horse
  29. Packet labelled “Incomix Lemon Tea”
  30. Packet labelled “Barley Fruit Flavoured Powder”
Source: Bernama/CNA/zl/(gs)