Taiwan rainbow breaks world record, lasts almost 9 hours

Taiwan rainbow breaks world record, lasts almost 9 hours

Taiwan rainbow 2
The professors are currently gathering all the evidence to apply for the Guinness record. (Photo: Chinese Culture University)

TAIPEI: Taiwan has reportedly broken the world record for the longest-lasting rainbow after it recorded almost almost nine hours on Thursday (Nov 30). 

The rainbow was recorded in Taipei by two professors, Chou Kun-hsuan and Liu Ching-huang, from the Department of Atmospheric Science at the Chinese Culture University (CCU), according to Taiwan News. 

Taiwan rainbow 1
The rainbow was recorded by two scientists at Chinese Culture University in Taipei. (Photo: Chinese Culture University) 

Their observations showed the rainbow lasted for 8 hours and 58 minutes as it appeared from 6.57am until 3.55pm. 

Taiwan News reported that if this timing was confirmed, it would break the previous record of six hours for the longest-lasting rainbow at Yorkshire, England on Mar 14, 1994. 

"It was amazing … It felt like a gift from the sky ... It's so rare!" said Prof Chou, as reported by BBC. 

According to him, the department was ready to capture the rainbow as they had recorded a six-hour rainbow the previous Monday. 

"After four hours, we mobilised all our students and began to notify everyone in the school to take pictures and send us pictures."

Students posted pictures of the rainbow from various angles and timings on the university's Facebook page. 

According to BBC, the department is currently gathering all the evidence to apply for the Guinness record. 

"With the 10,000 pictures we took in our department alone, and the many more taken by others on campus and people living nearby, I'm confident we can prove to Guinness second by second that this rainbow lasted for nine hours," Prof Chou said. 

Prof Chou explained that a season monsoon blowing in from the northeast had trapped moisture in the air, thus making the rainbows last for a long time. 

This moisture formed clouds, light, steady rain and a relatively slow paced wind - all of which are ideal conditions for the appearance of rainbows, reported Taiwan News. 

Source: CNA/ad