Thai police probed for getting 'freebies' from massage parlour: Reports

Thai police probed for getting 'freebies' from massage parlour: Reports

victoria's secret massage parlour
Documents seized from the Victoria: The Secret Forever massage parlour showed the initials and positions of several police officers who received freebies from the parlour. (Image: Google Street View)

BANGKOK: Thai police officers are under investigation for freebies they allegedly received from a massage parlour that is being probed for human trafficking and underage prostitution, the Bangkok Post reported on Monday (Jan 15).

The Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission launched the investigation after seizing documents obtained from Victoria: The Secret Forever massage parlour during a raid on Jan 12.

The documents recorded free food, drinks and massage services given to police officers who visited the parlour, said the Bangkok Post, adding that these are believed to be bribes.

Officials from the Wang Thonglang police station including the station chief, the crime suppression division, metropolitan police bureau, revenue department, anti-human trafficking department and immigration department are said to be involved in the case, the report said.

The multi-agency raid on Jan 12 was prompted by allegations of human trafficking and prostitution of girls under the age of 18, said The Nation.

According to the Bangkok Post, the parlour's "chief supervisor" Boonsap Amornratanasiri, 55, aka "Pa Kob", was arrested during the raid and is in detention. He was denied bail.

More than 100 women were rescued during the raid and many of them were from Myanmar, Thailand and Laos.

A deputy police spokesman added that police are interviewing the women to determine if human trafficking was involved. 

A source from the Department of Special Investigations added that the initials in the seized documents may not be enough to prove the officers' wrongdoing, but there are findings that suggest that several women in the massage parlour were forced into prostitution, said the Bangkok Post.

Source: CNA/aa