Toddler in Malaysia dies following hornet attack

Toddler in Malaysia dies following hornet attack

Asian hornets
A nest of Asian predatory wasps, also known as the Asian Hornets. (Photo: AFP/Jean-Pierre Muller)

BESUT, Malaysia: A two-year-old girl died after she was stung by about 30 hornets near her house in Kampung Lay Out Tok Has near Jertih on Wednesday afternoon (Aug 16).

Puteri Nur Aisya Azahar succumbed to the stings while undergoing treatment at the Sultanah Nur Zahirah Hospital (HSNZ) in Kuala Terengganu about 4.30am on Thursday.

Her mother, Rubiyah Ismail, 45, said the victim was attacked by hornets while playing alone at an empty food stall near their house.

“My father, who was napping on the house staircase, woke up to the sound of her cries,” she told reporters on Thursday.

Rubiyah said her father, Ismail Mat Ali, 69, then went to look for the victim who was swamped by the hornets and took her home.

“He was also stung by the hornets and immediately sought treatment at the Besut Hospital's Emergency Unit here," she added. “My daughter's condition worsened last night when the doctor told me that she could not urinate due to kidney failure before she finally breathed her last."

The toddler’s remains were buried on Thursday at the Pasir Akar Muslim Cemetery following Zohor prayers.

Source: Bernama/aa