Wild boar attacks man in Japan after hitting dead end

Wild boar attacks man in Japan after hitting dead end

Wild boar attacks Japanese salaryman
Screengrabs from a video posted by Twitter user Koki915N of a man who was attacked by a wild boar while walking to a train station in Fukuoka, Japan. 

SINGAPORE: An unsuspecting man was attacked by a wild boar in Japan while he was walking to a train station and a video of the incident has gone viral since it was uploaded on Sunday (Nov 4). 

The video, which as of Thursday has garnered 37,000 retweets on Twitter, captures the animal dashing up and down an alley seemingly looking for an escape. 

It hits a dead end and races back to where it came from, ramming straight into the victim, who appears unaware of what has hit him. 

The man, who is wearing a suit, attempts to run away, but the creature then comes for his briefcase. 

A tussle for the bag ensues as several car drivers honk loudly in an attempt to scare the boar, which eventually scampers away.  

The whole incident was over in less than half a minute. 

Citing local media, the Washington Post wrote that the incident happened one October morning as the man was walking to the Imajuku station in Fukuoka. He reportedly received treatment in hospital for wounds on both legs, which required 13 stitches in total. 

The boar was said to have been killed later in the day by a hunting club. 

Source: CNA/hs(ra)