Traces of pig, cow DNA found in White Rabbit candy: Malaysian minister

Traces of pig, cow DNA found in White Rabbit candy: Malaysian minister

White Rabbit Candy
A bowl of White Rabbit candy in Shanghai on Sep 26, 2008. (Photo: AFP/Mark Ralston)

SINGAPORE: Samples of the popular White Rabbit candy that were sent for testing contained traces of pig and cow DNA, Malaysia’s Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (Religion) Fuziah Salleh said on Wednesday (Sep 11). 

The milk-flavoured candy is a product from China and not certified halal by Malaysian authorities, she added.

“Based on (the investigation), the pig and cow DNA which we analysed came out positive," the minister said. “We suspect that the ingredients used in the White Rabbit candy may include gelatin."

Speculation over the halal status of the candy surfaced again on social media in recent weeks, after Brunei’s Ministry of Religious Affairs announced on May 18 that tests by the Halal Food Control Division found pork protein in samples of the candy. 

On Wednesday, Fuziah said that the labelling on White Rabbit candy sold in Malaysia does not specify the kind of gelatin used. 

"The label does not specify what kind of gelatin, what animal it is sourced from," she said, adding that she will inform the health ministry and state religious authorities to ensure proper food labelling.

Fuziah added that Muslim consumers should ensure that the products they consume is halal.

“That is the responsibility of consumers,” she said.

Source: CNA/nr(gs)