Wild elephant electrocuted by live wire at Perak construction site

Wild elephant electrocuted by live wire at Perak construction site

Elephant Perak
The elephant died instantly after it was hit by a 240 volts electric shock. (Photo: Gerik Fan Club/Facebook) 

IPOH: A wild elephant died after it was electrocuted by a live wire from roadworks at a construction site in Perak. 

The female elephant, which was about 40 years old, reportedly smashed through a cabin in the town of Gerik at around 4am on Tuesday (Jan 2) when it was hit by a 240-volt shock. 

The elephant was believed to be rummaging for food at the cabin set up by contractors doing roadworks in the area. 

According to Gerik's police chief Ismail Che Isa, the electric shock killed the elephant instantly. 

"No workers or members of the public in the area was injured," he added. 

The Star reported that the elephant might have been pregnant or had just given birth as it was lactating. 

Field manager for wildlife conservation group Management & Ecology of Malaysian Elephants Alicia Solana said the elephant belonged to a herd of females she had been tracking in the area. 

“It is a big loss emotionally for this herd as we see them very often,” she said.

In June and August last year, a 10-year-old elephant as well as a baby elephant were killed in Perak after they were both hit by vehicles along the Gerik-Jeli Highway. 

Source: Bernama/am