Woman's itchy eyes caused by more than 100 parasites in eyelashes: Report

Woman's itchy eyes caused by more than 100 parasites in eyelashes: Report

parasites in eyelashes
(Photo: Weibo) 

WUHAN: A Chinese woman who suffered from red and itchy eyes for two years finally got to the bottom of the matter after doctors discovered that more than 100 parasites were living in her eyelashes. 

According to a report by a local news outlet published on Nov 28, the 62-year-old had turned to over-the-counter eyedrops when her symptoms started. While her condition improved at first, it would worsen after about a month or so. 

In mid-November, the woman - who is only identified as Ms Xu in the report - reportedly noticed an increase in eye discharge. 

She then began having difficulty with opening and closing her eyes as the discharge had dried up, and was taken to the hospital by her family members.

Doctors found the parasites during their checks, adding that there were 10 mites on a single follicle in some instances. She was diagnosed with blepharitis and conjunctivitis and recovered after treatment, according to the report. 

During exchanges with Ms Xu, doctors found that her personal hygiene habits could have contributed to her condition. 

She reportedly had not washed or changed her pillowcase for four or five years, and her room was not well-ventilated. As such, there was a "very high possibility" the mites on her eyelashes were originally from her unwashed pillowcase. 

Source: CNA/dl