Chinese propaganda music video seeks to improve country's image

Chinese propaganda music video seeks to improve country's image

A rap video released by a youth faction of the Chinese Communist Party wants to change a false image of China which it says has been fabricated by the international media.

This is China screengrab

SINGAPORE: China’s Communist Youth League on Tuesday (Jun 28) released a rap song which aims to “restore the impression” foreigners may have of China.

The video of This Is China, which is in English, has been shared more than 47,000 times on microblogging site Weibo.

The four-minute video manages to cram in almost all of China’s modern-day achievements and the many ills that plague its society, from sex and tainted food scandals, to corruption and self-absorbed individuals who just want to “make money and get married”.

With scenes depicting both contemporary and traditional facets of China, the songs says the country’s "large population is really hard to manage" before going on to compare the pollution in Tianjin and Beijing to that of London’s in the 1950s.

The song's chorus explained that the global community need not fear China: "The red dragon ain't no evil. But a peaceful place. The beautiful land with rich culture remain."

The song blames the country’s ills on greedy businessmen and corrupt politicians, while extolling the virtues of tight gun control and mobile apps with which you can make doctors’ appointments.

Even Taiwan was not spared; fearing that foreigners might be “confused” about the situation there, the song says: “We just want to be one, cuz we are the same family."

The video ends with a shot of a panda hugging its cub.

Source: CNA/rw