Sea nomads may have killed 100 turtles in Sabah: Wildlife authorities

Sea nomads may have killed 100 turtles in Sabah: Wildlife authorities

Malaysian wildlife officials removing turtle carcasses found on a remote island in northern Sabah.

KOTA KINABALU, Sabah: Malaysia wildlife authorities believed the Bajau Laut sea nomads have killed some 100 turtles discovered scattered on the beaches of Kampung Pantau-Pantau, Kampung Amboh-Amboh and Kampung Sampolan at Pulau Bum-Bum, Semporna, recently.

Commenting on images of reports of turtle skeletons that went viral on social media on Wednesday, Sabah Wildlife Director Augustine Tuuga said an investigating team dispatched to the island on Thursday (Sep 28) found eight turtle carcasses and one floating in the sea.

The dead sea turtles floating in east coast waters off Semporna.

“The turtle carcasses were no longer in the area they were initially found, believed to have been washed away into the sea.

“Further investigation in coastal villages around the island revealed that the poaching activities (by Bajau Laut people) have been going on for quite some time,” he said in a statement on Thursday night.

Tuuga said investigation is ongoing and several suspects have been identified.

The investigating team comprised members from Semporna Police, Marine Police, Sabah Parks, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Omadal Island Women Association.

Source: Bernama/de