5 all-day brunches to wake up late for on the weekend

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5 all-day brunches to wake up late for on the weekend

Scrumptious spots for those who just need “five more minutes”
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Did you know that brunch was inspired by the hangover? And, as we well know, waking up early on a weekend is even more difficult when you’re nursing the effects of a night of hard partying. So hit that snooze button– here are some all-day brunch places so you can sleep in and have your cake too.

1. The Marmalade Pantry at Downtown

Located at the lobby of the supremely green Oasia Hotel Downtown building, The Marmalade Pantry at Downtown serves up a beautiful brunch menu that offers slightly classier interpretations of staple dishes such as Pancakes and French Toast (served with tarragon-infused whipped yoghurt and smoked apple compote respectively). Go gluten-free with an Egg White Omelette that’s served with feta cheese, spinach and tomato concasse, and a side of mixed mushrooms, or spice it up with a Chorizo Frittata with wood-roasted red piquillo pepper.

100 Peck Seah Street, Oasia Hotel Downtown, #01-01 Tel: 6385 0741

2. The LoKal

This beautiful, hipster spot on the corner of Neil Road is beloved for its generous sizes and unique, full-flavoured offerings, including a customisable “Pimp My Breakfast” menu, which lists Homemade Kimchi, Beetroot Cured Salmon, and Smoked Mackerel as some of its options. We’re sad to see that the Buttermilk Pancakes and Steak & Eggs are weekday-only items (so you know where to go even after the weekend is over), but other tried-and-tested hangover-curing goodies on the weekend brunch menu are The Black Pig 2.0 and The Sunday Roast (the latter only available on Sundays from 11am onwards). You generally can’t go wrong here, but do note that brunch is only served till 3.30pm so you don’t sleep in too late.

136 Neil Rd Tel: 6423 9918


3. Penny University

While it labels itself as an artisanal coffeehouse, Penny University’s coffee isn’t its only strong suite. The quaint neighbourhood joint also boasts a strong all-day brunch menu, which includes the classic Eggs Benedict, a well-spiced Turkish Eggs topped with homemade harissa paste, and a cleansing Chia Seeds Anti-Oxidant Smoothie Bowl (lactose-free). Also, those on the lookout for more Muslim-friendly eateries will be pleased to know that Penny University is Muslim-owned.

402 East Coast Road Tel: 6345 9055

4. Jewel Café and Bar

Looking for something hearty to make you feel a bit more human? The Guinness-laced Irish Stew, chock-full of beef, carrots, onions and baby potatoes may just be the answer you’re looking for. Alternatively, their all-time favourites — OMG! Burger and Chilli Crab Pasta — are worth a gander too. Be sure to check out their cold- and filtered-drip coffees (hipster-named Portland and San Francisco), unless you’re nursing a hangover, in which case stay away from caffeine.

129 Rangoon Rd Tel: 6298 9216

5. Toby’s Estate

It’s the quintessential Australian cafe and roastery, complete with views overlooking the quieter end of the Singapore River. Toby’s Estate has taken Eggs Benedict to new heights with three variations on its all day breakfast menu — Brooklyn style, with stewed beef; Woolly style, with prosciutto; and Rodyk style, with smoked salmon and greens. If you plan on rolling in after noon, The New Tobias Burger is a hearty recommendation with its all-beef patty, Emmental, chipotle mayo, and spicy rainbow fries on the side. Coffee-wise, Toby’s Estate specialises in single origin coffees, so be sure to try out their arsenal of brewing options (the Siphon is particularly intriguing).

8 Rodyk Street, #01-03/04 Tel: 6636 7629

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