Seagate opens innovation lab in Israel

Seagate opens innovation lab in Israel

Seagate Lyve Lab Israel
Seagate Technology PLC's innovation lab in Israel. (Photo: Seagate)

JERUSALEM: Data storage firm Seagate Technology PLC opened an innovation lab in Israel on Thursday (Feb 13) with an aim of forming partnerships with businesses.

The Tel Aviv centre, called Lyve Labs, will work with a number of startups on "data challenges," Seagate said.

It has already partnered with SeismicAI, a startup that offers early warning for earthquakes, as well as cybersecurity firm Hub Security.

Dave Mosley, Seagate's chief executive, said that innovation requires collaboration.

"We want to both help the ecosystem and learn from it," said Erez Baum, head of Lyve Labs Israel.

Source: Reuters/zl