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The Green Tea Master

One of the world’s foremost tea sommeliers, Noriyasu Uejima has the unique ability to discern subtle differences in taste of green teas produced in different parts of Japan. He is also the only person to win Japan’s oldest tea tasting contest Tochakai with a perfect score.

This short film is produced by Japan Curator, a bespoke travel company that supports artisanal cultures and craftsmanship in Japan.

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Your guide to the good life – get the latest in travel, dining, style, wellness and what's trending around the region.

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Kickstart your weekend with a curated selection of lifestyle programmes from travel, culture, food, luxury to adventure and treat your senses to the best of what Asia has to offer.

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Walk This Way

Walk This Way

From mountain peaks to underwater caves; to volcanic lakes and forest trails, join our hosts as they travel across six countries in Asia the way ...

This Weekend

This Weekend S2

This Weekend S2 is a guide for viewers seeking adventure in unique settings and the exploration of new thrills and tastes and especially, have fun!

Remarkable Living

Remarkable Living S1

The notion of luxury has changed. It isn’t about the price tag – it’s about what something is worth. It’s about the value of an experience. It’s ...

In Search of Umami

In Search of Umami

Umami is the 5th basic taste after sweet, sour, bitter and salty but unlike the others, it’s hard to define. Often described as savoury, meaty ...

Edible Wild 2

Edible Wild 2

Edible Wild is back for a second season - join culinary anthropologist, Nithiya Laila, as she picks, catches and digs her way through Hong Kong, ...

Luxe Asia S5

Luxe Asia S5: The Ultimate Access

Exclusivity and luxury come hand in hand. Carrying on last season’s pursuit of modern luxury, we look at how gaining access to some of life’s most ...

This Weekend

This Weekend S1

You need a break. You have a free weekend. And you’re in a mood for something different. You’re thinking river surfing in Riau, or maybe canyoning ...

Vanishing Foods

Vanishing Foods

As Asian societies hurtle towards urbanisation and modernisation, the chase for greater convenience, speed and efficiency never ends. Where then, ...

Edible Wild

Edible Wild 1

Chef and culinary anthropologist Nithiya Laila is taking you out of the supermarkets and into Singapore’s Edible Wild to discover an array of ...

Savouring The Future

Savouring The Future

Savouring the Future is an eight part series about the future of Singapore food SMEs. The success of SMEs is vital in generating jobs and ...

Luxe Asia 4

Luxe Asia S4

The pursuit of luxury begins with the desire for the exquisite - whether it’s a rarefied experience or one of life’s finest accessories. Luxe Asia ...

Food Heroes

Food Heroes

Singapore is witnessing a gastronomic explosion. In the recently-announced Michelin Guide Singapore, Singapore's home-grown culinary masters took ...

Japan Hour - Winter in Japan

Japan Hour

Autumn in Japan (Sep - Nov) From September onwards, Autumn paints the land with a stunning blend of red and yellow hues.

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Gerdie Hutomo

Category: People

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Name: Gerdie Hutomo

Category: People

Title: Traditional Indramayu Mask Maker

Story: Portrait of an old man that makes traditional Indramayu Mask in West Java, Indonesia.

Tanmoy Thakur

Category: People

View entry

Name: Tanmoy Thakur

Category: People

Title: The Chau Dancers

Story: Chau dance is an Indian tribal dance form characterized by deft acrobatic moves and use of elaborate masks made from paper pulp and clay. The themes vary from religious stories , folklore to tales from daily life.These dancers are otherwise normal village people doing mundane jobs but once they done their masks they get transformed as if the spirit of the mask gets into them.

Marc Nair

Category: Places

View entry

Name: Marc Nair

Category: Places

Title: 10 Things To Do In Siargao

Story: We visit Siargao Island in the Philippines for the first time and discover a wealth of amazing experiences. Naturally, it is impossible to contain everything we've seen, heard and tasted, so we have narrowed our list down to ten things. Some are conventional, some quirky and some downright random. It was a short but intense trip and we can't wait to head back there again!

Kia Liang Tan

Category: Places

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Name: Kia Liang Tan

Category: Places

Title: Borneo- Kota Kinabalu

Story: My wife and I found paradise on earth in beautiful Borneo- Kota Kinabalu to be exact.

First off, we went jungle trekking and visited an Orang Utan sanctuary. Truly admire their efforts to nurse back injured and orphaned Orang Utans found in the wild. The baby Orang Utans swinging from trees and bonding with wildlife rangers were too cute! Views of South China Seas, far off islands and Mount Kinabalu from the canopy walkway were also breathtaking..

We also went for a nostalgic train adventure with the famed North Borneo Railway. Loved the colonial-style refurbished trains that seemed to come alive straight out of 1900s. Fantastic journey back in time passing by paddy fields, markets, small villages and Chinese temples. The traditional breakfast and lunch tiffin sets were delicious too. Choo-Choo!!!!

We also embarked on a river adventure down Garama Wetlands and chanced upon a troop of Proboscis monkeys. Some were sleeping with their eyes shut high, some goofing around, some were carrying babies underneath their bellies, and the alpha male folded his arms haughtily with his back facing us while perched precariously atop a swinging mangrove tree!! As the sun sets we dropped by a floating restaurant serving delicious local cuisine for dinner. Right after dinner we proceeded back up the river to view the fireflies in the mangroves… stunning. The mangrove trees looked like Christmas trees all beautifully lit up.

Borneo was amazing, can’t wait to be back!

Harold Genaro

Category: Places

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Name: Harold Genar

Category: Places

Title: Breathtaking Coron Lake

Story: We, Filipinos are notorious for having extreme levels of “pinoy pride”. This is the term we used to describe how proud we are of anything remotely Filipino. Anything made here in the Philippines or done by a Filipino, especially when recognized abroad, sets off a barrage of national pride for us. In a country as stunning and as naturally endowed as this, with such a richness of islands, it's something we must really much to be proud of.

One of places we take pride of having is in Coron, it is within the gorgeous province of Palawan. Perhaps the other major factor to thank for Palawan’s “best island” recognition, Coron boasts of similar gems as El Nido, Palawan, crystal clear waters perfect for snorkelling, powdery white sandy beaches, and inescapable picture perfect landscapes. As in El Nido, travellers can charter a small boat or join organized tour groups for a day’s trip including the most famous islands and lagoons. One stop that should not be missed by anyone visiting Coron is the breathtaking Kayangan Lake, dubbed the cleanest in the country and surrounded by stunning karst walls, truly a sight to behold, both above and below the water. It's something i wouldn't mind bragging. It’s not just a typical lake because its also rich in culture as it is taken care of by Tagbanua People, a tribe group who resides in Coron, Palawan. Aside from being mesmerized by the place, you'll also get the chance to meet people of one of ethnic group in the Philippines.

Yunar Wahyudi

Category: Food

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Name: Yunar Wahyudi

Category: Food

Title: Siomay Bandung

Story: Siomay Bandung, a classic traditional food which is historically adapted from chinese food called Shoa-Mau. The food came popular, not only in Bandung (West Java) but even around Indonesia.

Simple ingredients: tapioca and wheat flour mixed with mackerel to be steamed.

Additional ingredients are often included : potato, cabbage, tofu and boiled egg.

The peanut sauce is completing the serving, making it tasty that you want eat those pieces together with the sauce. With affordable price and wide availability, everyone can not miss this food once they are travelling to Indonesia.