Doctor’s advice: lazy-girl beauty hacks for instantly brighter skin

Doctor’s advice: lazy-girl beauty hacks for instantly brighter skin

Treatments to try, devices to buy and skincare products to use tonight.


There’s no shame in taking the easy way out. Lazy-girl beauty hacks are lifesavers on our most tired days, and even celebrities like Kim Kardashian have the same lazy-girl makeup habits we do. Who’s wouldn’t love minimal-effort methods that deliver maximum results?

Here, Dr Rachel Ho, aesthetic medical doctor at La Clinic shares her lazy-girl beauty hacks for your glowiest skin ever. These are so easy, you won’t even need to use your hands to cleanse your face. Check out her must-try in-clinic treatments, devices and skincare products for a radiant complexion.


“Q-switched laser, chemical peel or Skinbooster treatments are ideal if you’re seeking brighter, more dewy and radiant skin. With these treatments, you will no longer have to rely on multiple skincare steps for better skin. Over time, you may even be able to skip applying foundation and blusher altogether!”

Q-switched laser
What it does: An effective way of treating pigmentation and dark spots.

How it works: The most commonly used laser in Singapore to treat pigmentation is the Q-switched Nd Yag laser; its wavelength of 1064nm allows the laser to be absorbed by melanin, the substance in the skin that gives pigmentation and dark spots its dark colour. Once absorbed, pigmentation and dark spots are broken down into fragments and then removed by your body’s lymphatic systems. Q-switched laser treats both superficial and deep pigmentation, making it very useful for targeting dark spots.

When performed by an experienced doctor, Q-switched laser is a safe treatment. According to Dr. Ho, you should be able to see lightening of your pigmentation after one to two sessions, about a couple of weeks after the Q-switch laser treatment. “There is also the benefit of brightening and added glow to the face with the Q-switched laser, which my patients like very much too,” she says.

Chemical peels

What it does: Clear pigmentation and dark spots by removal of unwanted melanin in the skin and exfoliation. This is followed by regeneration of the skin for a more even complexion and brighter skin, and removal of fine lines.

How it works: Depending on the depth of the chemical peel performed, chemical peels can be used to treat both epidermal and dermal pigmentation. This makes it an effective method for treating pigmentation that occur at the deeper part of the skin, such as melasma, which traditional topical skincare have difficulty reaching.

You won’t require any downtime either. Superficial peels like alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) peels give good results in terms of pigmentation removal and exfoliation with no obvious redness or peeling and patients can return to their daily activities immediately. Just remember to apply sunscreen after! Doctor Ho recommends combining both the Q-switched laser and chemical peel for synergistic results.

Home devices

Use sonic-cleansing devices, such as the Clarisonic, to cleanse your skin. “This is a more effective way of getting rid of dead skin cells, grime and dirt than manual cleansing. Depending on your skin type, you can use this device anytime from once to thrice a week for cleaner and brighter skin.”

Skin care

Face masks are another lazy-girl brightening hack. “Stock up on sheet masks containing vitamin C, glutathione and other brightening ingredients which can penetrate the skin better because of the occlusion effect.” Consider doing it once a week for an added boost for more luminous skin.