Vanishing Home Recipes

Vanishing Home Recipes

Buginese homecooking

Recipes from a different time: The Bugis art of slow and lemak cooking

What makes Bugis home-cooking distinct from the standard Singaporean Malay fare? Madam Milah Bakri shows CNA Insider three ...

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Hock Chiew red wine chicken


From coop to pot: The lost kampung art of rearing your own food

How do you keep your own chickens - and what is it like to slaughter one? Madam Ong Ah Lee, 71, of Ayer Tawar in Perak teaches ...

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A home cook's vanishing art of home-brewed wine and hand-raised chicken

Nyonya nasi lemak

Fiercely Nyonya: Growing up with canes, feasts and a Peranakan Mama's tough love

It meant being chased around the house with a cane, but also meticulously prepared feasts every night and hand-sewn pajamas ...

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Mary Teo's nasi lemak Nyonya style

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6 ways to boss it like a Nyonya

Mary Teo’s Nasi Lemak Nyonya Style: The recipe

Nasi ayam Lebanon

Learning from nenek how to be a man for his family - in the kitchen

His grandmother showed him that cooking can keep a family together. Now he hopes to inspire other men to share the ...

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Mdm Habibah's nasi ayam Lebanon

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Manning up in the kitchen

Mdm Habibah's nasi ayam Lebanon: The recipe

Prawn & ridge gourd curry

Recreating grandma’s recipes, which Alzheimer’s stole

She was too intimidated by Indian cooking to try it - until it was almost too late, and desperation drove Vasunthara to learn ...

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Shopping tips for Indian cooking

Kamalachi’s Prawn Ridge Gourd Curry: The recipe

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Oyster/clam omelette

Long-distance wok affair: 15,000km can’t keep him from Ah Ma’s home-cooking

She cooked for her grandson all through his growing-up years. Now in New York, he’s learning to recreate her recipes over the ...

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Mdm Tseng's oyster/olam omelette

Mdm Tseng’s Oyster/Clam Omelette: The recipe

Eurasian desserts

Eurasian Putugal: The recipe

Here's how to make this Eurasian kueh that was more commonly enjoyed in the past, but is less well-known in Singapore these days.

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Mrs Cecil’s sugee cake: The recipe

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Eurasian Putugal: The recipe

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Mrs Cecil's sugee cake

Ikan bilis curry

When there was no money, ikan bilis was ‘like gold’: The art of humble cooking

Families can afford much better ingredients today than in the past. But as these ‘poor’ dishes disappear, are we also losing a ...

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Mrs Thanaletchmy's ikan bilis curry and home-made dosai with chutney: The recipe

Chinese rice dumplings

Preserving the homemade bak chang, with a little bit of reinvention

The laborious steps mean fewer home-cooks are making Chinese rice dumplings come the annual season. But those who do, are ...

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Grandma's Little Heir

Madam Koh’s bak chang: The recipe

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Madam Koh's bak chang recipe

Hakka noodles

Mrs Lam's handmade Hakka noodles: The recipe

How to make Ke Jia Mian the old-fashioned way, in a recipe one home cook has been perfecting over some 50 years

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What we lose, when family recipes vanish - a legacy of love and sacrifice

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Mrs Lam's Hakka Noodles Recipe Video

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A Hakka Grandma's Labour of Love

Mrs Gan's nyonya laksa

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The family bak kwa business that grew and grew: 6 lessons of Bee Cheng Hiang's success

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The Bee Cheng Hiang story

China orphan who broke our viewers’ hearts finds a home, 4,500km away in Singapore

For two champions, a lion's sacrifice of blood, sweat and family time

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