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Buginese homecooking

Hock Chiew red wine chicken

Nyonya nasi lemak

6 ways to boss it like a Nyonya

If you watched 'The Little Nyonya', you'd know how boss-like Nyonya matriarchs can be - but also of their immense love and ...

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Nasi ayam Lebanon

Prawn & ridge gourd curry

(ry) grandma and shushan

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Oyster/clam omelette

home recipes omelette main

Mdm Tseng’s Oyster/Clam Omelette: The recipe

In the old days, her family would dig up fresh clams from the beach to fry up this old-time favourite.

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Eurasian desserts

Ikan bilis curry

Chinese rice dumplings

home recipes bak chang 1

Madam Koh’s bak chang: The recipe

It's part-Teochew, part-Hokkien, but mostly this grandmother's own recipe that she has developed over the years.

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Hakka noodles

Hakka Noodles 11_Plated Noodles

Mrs Lam's handmade Hakka noodles: The recipe

How to make Ke Jia Mian the old-fashioned way, in a recipe one home cook has been perfecting over some 50 years

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(ry) nyonya laksa

Mrs Gan's nyonya laksa

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