Grab refreshes app to give drivers more control over ride experience, income

Grab refreshes app to give drivers more control over ride experience, income

SINGAPORE: Ride-hailing service operator Grab on Wednesday (Dec 6) announced a raft of initiatives aimed at improving drivers' experience, including giving them the opportunity to rate their trips.

In its press release, the company said its Better 365 campaign is aimed at the welfare of its "driver-partners", and they will see significant app improvements on four fronts: Better support, increased earnings, better tools and stronger community.

One way it intends to do these is by giving drivers the opportunity to share their feedback on trips via the "Driver Rates Trip" feature. It allows them to rate their trip "positive" or "negative" and select reasons for this, including the location and route, payments and passenger.

A company spokesperson added that the drivers' rating and feedback will not affect passengers' use of the service.

"Trip ratings provide Grab with qualitative and quantitative data to identify and address key concerns and shape new feature designs to improve their driving experience," the company elaborated. 

It also said that drivers have their commitments outside of driving, and with its My Destination feature, allows them to set up two preferred destinations each day and be matched to commuters whose journeys match up. This would allow drivers to continue earning as they drive to where they need to be, the company added.

The Grab Driver app will also be enhanced to include features such as incentive progress bars, that allows drivers to track their progress towards their targets easier, it claimed. 

They can also view daily and weekly income statements within the app, giving them "greater transparency and control over their earnings", it said. 

Weekly income statement on Grab app
How a driver's weekly income statement is shown on Grab's app. 

These enhancements will be rolled out to drivers over the next few weeks, Grab said. 

Source: CNA/kk