11.11 is coming: How to get the best deals at Taobao's Singles' Day sale

11.11 is coming: How to get the best deals at Taobao's Singles' Day sale

how to shop on taobao for 11.11 sale 2018
Taobao has a dedicated microsite for e-retailers participating in its once-a-year 11.11 sale. (Photo: Screengrab via Taobao) 

SINGAPORE: Nov 11 may be more than a week away, but for millions of shoppers around the world, it isn't too early to start planning for what's likely to be the biggest 24-hour sale online.

The Singles’ Day sale – also known as 11.11 – saw shoppers spend US$17.8 billion on the Alibaba online platform in just 24 hours in 2016, and a whopping US$25.4 billion last year. 

Popularised by Alibaba, many countries around the world have begun jumping on the bandwagon after seeing Alibaba's success, with some retailers in Singapore and even the United States launching pre-sale deals days before Nov 11.

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For some, shopping on Taobao – which translates to “hunting for treasure” – can be quite daunting, especially if Mandarin is not your first language. With millions of retailers offering a wide variety of items - from USB drives to sofas - it can be hard to figure out where to begin. 

But if you’d like to dip your toes in the vast world of Taobao, here are a few tips on how to get the best bang for your buck.


Discounts on 11.11 are not limited to the prices displayed. Some stores also offer additional vouchers that entitle the shopper to further discounts. For instance, the store shown in the picture below offers various discounts - 50RMB off with a minimum spend of 400RMB, 100RMB off with a minimum spend of 1,999RMB and so on. 

11.11 discounts
Some stores on Taobao offer additional vouchers on top of discounted prices. (Photo: Screengrab via Taobao) 

Additionally, you can also start collecting vouchers that can be used on Singles' Day.

how to shop on taobao on 11.11 - voucher

For instance, this store is offering a 5RMB voucher with a minimum spend of 5.01RMB. Simply click on the link at the end of the sentence to collect the voucher, which can be used on 11.11 itself. 

You can also add the items to your shopping cart ahead of the day (don't check out just yet, though!) to see if you have missed out on any vouchers. Click on this icon to see if your purchase is eligible for a further discount.

how to shop on taobao on 11.11 - discount
Click on this icon to see if you're eligible for further discounts. 


If you’re looking for a particular item, you can enter the search term in English on taobao.com. To refine the search results further, look out for suggested search terms Taobao provides, and turn on Google Translate in your browser. Then click “show original” to remove the translations. Copy the particular item you want that is now in Chinese, and paste it into the search bar to get better results.

taobao - suggested search terms

Use the reverse image search function if you already have something in mind. To do so, first search for something on the homepage. Then click on the camera icon in the search bar to upload your photo.

taobao reverse image search
You can also search for an item by uploading an image.

If you're using the Taobao mobile app, the search bar is right at the top: 

how to shop on taobao mobile app - search bar and reverse image search
The search bar is right at the top if you're using Taobao's mobile app. 


Try using the different filters if you feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of search results. The Popularity filter will sort the items according to the name of the tab, while Sales will show the best-selling items first.

taobao filters


If you see an item you like but want to see if other stores carry the same thing at a different price, hover your mouse over the search result. You'll see two options: "Find similar", or "find the same". Click on "find the same" to find the exact same item, or "find similar" to find items in a similar style. 

taobao find similar
Know the difference between "Find similar" and "Find the same".

You'll then be able to compare prices for the same item. 

taobao find the same results


Look out for the store’s score, given by shoppers who have purchased goods from them previously. Each shopper can give the store a maximum of five points for the accuracy of item descriptions, service, as well as delivery. It's often a measure of how reliable the store owner is. 

taobao store rating
A store's rating can indicate how reliable and accurate an item's description is.

Check out reviews to determine if users who have purchased the item previously are happy with it, and if the descriptions given are accurate. This is especially important for clothes and shoes, which may run larger or smaller than the given sizes. Some reviewers may also provide feedback on whether the item was delivered in a good condition. 

taobao product reviews
It's important to read the reviews to find out if the item is just like you imagined. 


Anything that is super cheap could be of a lower quality than what you are expecting. There are many horror stories of clothing running several sizes too small or electronics not working at all. If in doubt, check the reviews or just don't take the risk. 


It's often cheaper to ship your items all at once, as parcel forwarding companies typically charge more for the first kilogramme of items. 

Note though, that your items could take longer to arrive due to the sheer number of orders placed on 11.11. 

You also have the option of going with Taobao agents - such as SG Shop and ezbuy, if you're based in Singapore - who can help with liaising with store owners, as well as check if the right order was shipped out.

However, getting a third party to assist with your Taobao order may mean missing out on voucher discounts like the ones above. 

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If you've never used Taobao before, here are a few tips to get you started: 

1. Set up your Taobao account.

First head to the Taobao homepage. If you are using Google Translate, you will notice a “login/register” button on the top right. Clicking that will lead you to this page:

taobao register
Setting up your account.

You’ll need to first key in your mobile phone number, as well as the verification code sent to you. Later, fill in other details such as your email address and preferred username.

2. Start browsing.

Taobao has launched a dedicated 11.11 microsite that collates all retailers taking part in the sale. 

On the left you’ll find a column with various sections such as men’s and women’s apparel, lighting, car accessories etc. 

We’ve translated a few categories to start things off:

11.11 taobao sale 2018 - how to buy

3. Check your shopping cart.

It’s time to pay for your purchases. After clicking on "Settlement", a window prompting you to save your delivery address should pop up on your browser.

taobao shipping address
Provide your delivery address and other details here.

Thereafter, you’ll be directed to a page to choose a parcel forwarder. This company will receive all your parcels from China, then pack them together and send it to your delivery address. Take a look at the different options to pick one that best fits your needs.

taobao parcel forwarder
Every parcel forwarder charges differently for the first kg of goods, as well as for every additional kg. Some also have a weight limit. For instance, the second option - Lazada (Air) - will only ship parcels weighing up to 30kg, and have a combined height, width and length of 300cm. 

Last but not least, you’ll need to pay for your items. Be sure to pick the “overseas” payment option - payment is available via major credit cards. 

taobao payment
Click here for the overseas payment option.

4. Track your package to see if it has arrived at the warehouse, and choose to consolidate or send out individual items. 

Taobao has also put together a guide for this process.

Do you have other Taobao shopping tips? Share them in the comments section below!

Source: CNA/dl