Life sentence for Indonesian who raped more than 100 men in Britain

Life sentence for Indonesian who raped more than 100 men in Britain

Reynhard Sinaga, who was charged with 158 counts of sexual offences in Manchester
Reynhard Sinaga reportedly lured men into his Manchester flat, where he drugged and sexually assaulted them. (Photo: Greater Manchester Police)

MANCHESTER: An Indonesian student described as Britain's most prolific rapist was jailed for life on Monday (Jan 6) for a catalogue of sex offences on unsuspecting men he drugged and assaulted.

Police believe that Reynhard Sinaga has abused at least 195 men over two-and-a-half years, the Guardian reported. He was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 30 years.

Sinaga was convicted of 159 offences, including 136 rapes and eight attempted rapes, at four separate trials, according to the Crown Prosecution Service. 

He is already serving 88 concurrent life sentences with a minimum of 20 years before he can be considered for parole after his first two trials, which heard cases put forward by 25 victims.

Monday’s sentencing was for the third and fourth trials, where he was convicted of counts relating to 23 more victims. Police have yet to identify at least 70 of his victims.

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North-west deputy chief crown prosecutor Ian Rushton was quoted as calling Sinaga the “most prolific rapist in British legal history”.

The 36-year-old mature student reportedly lured victims into his flat by pretending to offer help, then drugging them until they passed out before attacking.

Most of the victims were undergraduates in their late teens or early 20s, The Guardian said. Sinaga would wait for intoxicated men outside nightclubs and bars near his flat, then approach them with the offer of more drinks or a place to sleep.

Sinaga was caught in June 2017, when one of his victims regained consciousness while he was being assaulted. The victim fought him off and called the police, the BBC said.

Police subsequently found hours of footage depicting the attacks after they seized his phone. 

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The Crown Prosecution Service said detectives discovered 3.29 terabytes of graphic material of the sexual assaults equivalent to 250 DVDs or 300,000 photos. One of the assaults lasted for eight hours.

The victims seen in the videos were then traced using items found inside the flat, which include stolen phones, and IDs. Some of the victims were unaware that they have been raped until they were tracked by the police.

Experts told the jury they believed the victims had been drugged, probably with a date rape drug, the Guardian said.

"Sinaga's unthreatening demeanour duped these young men - many of whom thanked him for his kindness in offering them a place to stay - into thinking this monster was a Good Samaritan," said deputy chief crown prosecutor for northwest England, Ian Rushton.

"But once back at his flat he used victims as objects purely for his own gratification - then appears to have derived further twisted pleasure from re-watching his films in court and putting victims through the trauma of giving evidence."

Sinaga, a slightly built, young-looking doctorate student, had claimed his mainly heterosexual victims were acting out his sexual fantasy to play dead during intercourse and had agreed to be filmed.

But four trial juries rejected his defence and a character testimony from a local church he had attended in Manchester.

According to the victims, their careers and personal relationships were negatively affected after being assaulted. Many said the ordeal had serious impact on their mental health, with some adding that they developed suicidal thoughts.

"I hope he never comes out of prison and he rots in hell,” one victim said in his impact statement.

At the sentencing, Judge Suzanne Goddard QC called him a “dangerous, deeply disturbed and perverted individual with no sense of reality” who would “never be safe to be released”.

She added that Sinaga had shown “not one jot of remorse”, and pointed out that he seems to be “actively enjoying the court process even as (he stood) there waiting to be sentenced”.

“You are an evil serial sexual offender who preyed on young men who came into the city centre wanting nothing more than a good night with their friends,” she said.

“One of the victims in their victim personal statement described you as a monster. The scale of offending suggests this is an accurate description.

“Rarely if ever have the courts seen such a campaign of rape covering so many victims over such a prolonged period.”

Source: CNA/AFP/ga(mb/hm)