#SgGoesGlobal: One Animation's odd creations go global

#SgGoesGlobal: One Animation's odd creations go global

Lovable characters shaped by talented designers have brought global acclaim to One Animation. But the Singapore company has even bigger dreams and it's dreaming with IE Singapore.

OneAnimation CEO
Sashim Parmanand, One Animation’s CEO.

One Animation’s original content, rivaling that of international studios, has made a mark globally. But the company aims for more. Coming up: merchandising and feature film production.

Oddbods is One Animation’s most popular series to date. It is downloaded whopping five million times a month on the app, NxTomo. (Photo: One Animation)

Seven cute furry creatures came to life under the deft strokes of One Animation designers in 2012. They have tripped, tumbled and giggled their way into the hearts of millions children – and adults – who watch their antics on television.

“You'll find yourself gravitating to one of them. Whether you have a short temper, or whether you're a little OCD, or maybe just curious by heart, there will be an Oddbod you'll root for more than the others. The more you watch, the more you see yourself as one of those peculiar characters. This is the biggest draw of the show: It has an abundance of heart and charm,” says Sashim Parmanand, One Animation’s CEO.

OneAnimation CEO
Sashim Parmanand, One Animation’s CEO.

Originating as a simple sketch, the characters in the dialogue-free series were initially meant only for mobile content.

Today, the award-winning show is globally distributed. Disney and Cartoon Network are among those sold on the Oddbods’ sweetness.

In Taiwan and Hong Kong, episodes are being downloaded a whopping five million times a month on NxTomo, an app developed and owned by Next Media, One Animation’s major shareholder.

The company’s other creations, Rob The Robot and Insectibles, are also enjoying global success.

The Insectibles series been snapped up by international distributors, offsetting 60 per cent of production budget within three months. (Photo: One Animation)

Insectibles has been snapped up by international distributors, offsetting 60 per cent of the production budget within three months. And the series has not even been completed.

Globalisation was obviously the right step to take. But as Parmanand explains, it was “very natural”.

“Singapore has a very robust media environment but unfortunately it’s a very small market when you think about content distribution and IP expansion.”

IE_OneAnimation_CEO team
OneAnimation's CEO believes her team and content is "absolutely on a par with top studios in the world".

One Animation’s progress looks unstoppable. The six-year-old company is determined to branch out. “Our content is absolutely on a par with top studios in the world. We want to not just serve up compelling content but also have a wide range of product categories,” explains Parmanand.

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With some help from IE Singapore, One Animation has nabbed an impressive pipeline of deals, including a global merchandising agreement.

“IE accelerated our revenue targets and business goals over the last year. Without its assistance, we would not have reached several of the important milestones in our aggressive five-year plan within a two-year period, a much shorter period of time,” says Parmanand.


Upcoming: One Animation has joined forces with integrated media and marketing agency RP2 to launch Oddbods toys in some of the biggest retailers across Europe and the Middle East from September 2015.

Singaporeans will, unfortunately, have easy access to them only early 2016.

With key shows gaining traction, more merchandising deals are in the works.

One Animation is also in the midst of negotiations to get a feature film, with a footprint spanning North American and Europe, off the ground.

Overarching One Animation’s accomplishments is its aspiration to be the pre-eminent animation studio based in Asia. Big dreams for the studio, but then, it was also Walt Disney who said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

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