Phuket tourism

Phuket already bursting at the seams but more tourists on the way

Thailand's popular resort island Phuket may struggle to keep up with an expected influx of tourists in the coming years, with its current ...

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Millennials in maroon, Generation Xers in green, and the pre-independence generation in blue.

How Singapore sees its millennials (and it's not a pretty picture)

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Lifestyle rhythm breaker STYLE

CNA lifestyle

An elderly man running

Want to feel 25 again? Exercise may fight ageing

The muscles of those who worked out looked like those of 25-year-olds and showed less of the inflammation that is tied to ...

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(ry) OTRD changi sea

CNA insider

Integration Farrer Park main 2

Friends from other lands: The unique challenges of international students at one primary school

One is grappling with English; another with local food; a third takes tuition in her native Russian and Mandarin. At ...

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China’s growing middle class has developed a taste for exotic fruits like durian.

How China’s love of durian is reshaping the Thai countryside

Sam Leong (right) is the founder of Forest restaurant; his son Joe is out to make a name for himself

His dad is Michelin starred. Chef Joe Leong is trying to step out of his shadow

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Cyber Punk'd

Cyber Punk'd

The internet has connected us, enabled us and empowered us. But, it’s also made us very, very unsafe. It’s only a matter of time till we all get ...

Show Me The City

Show Me The City

What does it mean to be Singaporean? Is it the way we retain our own unique racial identity while being part of a larger multi-cultural, ...

Why It Matters

Why It Matters 3

Our world is changing at a rate like never before. Our lives are getting ever more complicated by the minute. To help make sense of it all, Joshua ...

The Millenial Investor

The Millennial Investor

A new breed of business minds discovers emerging opportunities in one of the fastest growing regions in the world. Like the traffic jams of ...

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asian voices

The government has given them as many concessions as possible. There is no more room for compromise.

Hong Kong pro-establishment legislator Regina Ip on the protesters.

Regina Ip 01 - HK Interactive
Asia Voices of Hong Kong: An interactive special
There is no excuse for the police’s excessive use of weapons and physical force. But Hong Kongers must also admit when protesters cross lines. Extreme cases of violence and acts of barbarism should be condemned.

University of Hong Kong undergraduate Doris Lam

hong kong dec 1
Commentary Commentary: Surely separatism is not Hong Kong’s endgame?
Everyone was enjoying success from planting durians. We also want to be like them. Durians are our hope.

Thai farmer Jirakul Jetjumonong, who is looking to ride the wave of Chinese demand for durians

Chalermpol Sakkham, mayor of Tha Chang township in Chanthaburi, shows host Wei Du how to cut durian.
CNA Insider How China’s love of durian is reshaping the Thai countryside
I’m very shocked and still a bit in disbelief (to be Singapore’s first Games gold medalist). But I’m really very honoured and thankful for this opportunity.

Wushu exponent Yong Yi Xiang, on winning Singapore’s first gold medal at this year’s SEA Games

Singapore's Yong Yi Xiang during his gold medal performance at the 2019 SEA Games
Sport Wushu: Yong Yi Xiang clinches first gold for Singapore at 30th SEA Games
If you go to the supermarket, who’s going to teach you? Then when you don’t know what to buy, you give up and don’t cook anything.

Stall owner Anthony Leow on the benefits of shopping at wet markets despite the proliferation of supermarkets

Anthony the Spicemaker Anthony with customer
Singapore Changing the face of the wet market to appeal to new customers
(Singaporeans) are too concerned about achieving the results, and less concerned about understanding the bigger picture and how things work.

EDB MD Chng Kai Fong, sharing feedback from employers on Singaporean workers and how they can improve

two people talking office
Commentary Commentary: Why aren’t there more Singaporean CEOs?

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