‘My intention is not to provoke’: Adam Lambert

‘My intention is not to provoke’: Adam Lambert

The American singer-songwriter will be performing at Celebrate 2016, a New Year countdown bash at Marina Bay.

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SINGAPORE: Adam Lambert, addressing an online petition that spoke up against his "lewd" behaviour at public performances, said he "was actually flattered that people cared so much".

"My goal as an artist has always been to unite people. To try to find the common denominator to link all these different people from all over the world," the former American Idol finalist said at a press conference on Wednesday (Dec 30). He will perform at a New Year's Eve countdown bash on Thursday night.

Responding to questions about his past performances mentioned by the authors of the petition, Lambert said: "I'm not worried about the past. What's the point - it's in the past. I'm worried about the present and the future."

He said the petition did not change how he prepared for the show.

"Over the past five years, whenever I do a television performance I work very carefully with the producers and with my team to figure out what's the purpose of this programme. So for me this is no different," he said.

Adam Lambert speaking a media roundtable ahead of his performance

In November, the “Petition against Adam Lambert performing in Countdown 2016” closed after it met its goal of 20,000 online signatories. The petition had described Lambert, who is known for his provocative performances, as “a performer fraught with controversy even in his home country”.

But others have been supportive. A counter-petition to keep Lambert on the show, accusing the original petition of “obvious sexual orientation discrimination", attracted more than 24,000 signatures. Lambert is openly gay.

The authors of the original petition later responded: "Unfortunately, our concerns to address the probability of lewd acts on a public platform have been downplayed and turned into yet another political LGBT rights issue.”

Lambert said he does not actively court controversy.

"Depending on where you are from in the world, certain things may seem controversial to you or not. My intention is not to provoke but to reflect - to be honest, be real," he said.

This was reflected in his New Year's resolution, which he said was to "keep moving forward, keep learning, and keep trying to create".

Celebrate 2016, which is organised by Mediacorp, will take place at The Float @ Marina Bay. Other than Lambert, local artistes such as Taufik Batisah, THELIONCITYBOY and Inch Chua will also be performing.

Lambert told audiences to expect "something special" for his segment in the countdown event.

Speaking to the host at the press conference, Mediacorp deejay Jean Danker, Lambert said: "We're going to do something special for Singapore, special for the television programme, special for the audience. I thought very, very hard and spent a lot of time to figure out which songs, and spoke to as many different people as possible. I think it will be something great."

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