5 things to know before renting an apartment with a friend

5 things to know before renting an apartment with a friend

Consider these scenarios, or you might not even be friends in the near future.

5 things to know before renting an apartment with a friend
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It’s common to hear of young adults wanting to have a space of their own. However, not all friendships can withstand the test of renting an apartment together. Think you know your friend well? Wait till you encounter issues like these.

1. Spending excessive time in the bathroom

Time in the bathroom is everything, especially if you're a woman. And when you’re rushing to get ready for work, it’s a huge problem if someone hogs the only powder room in the apartment.

There are people who enjoy taking long baths, using their phone or applying their make-up in there. To prevent any conflicts or misunderstandings, make sure to communicate with your friend. If possible, try to agree on a time schedule (e.g. the bathroom is yours between 8.10 to 8.20 am, when you’re rushing for work).

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2. Bringing over “plus ones” all the time

There will be days when your friend’s significant other stays over because “it’s too late for him to head home” or “his house is too far away”. But if this becomes a frequent occurrence, you’re effectively living with one extra person.

That’s one more person using the bathroom, the washing machine, the lights and air-conditioning, and so on. And that extra person isn’t contributing to the rent.

It’s a smart move to set some ground rules against this before moving in together (even if your friend doesn’t have a significant other right now).

3. Being unnecessarily calculative

Living together may mean having to share the cost of water bills, internet bills, power bills, and more. This can already be confusing right from the start. What’s worse is if your friend is an extremely calculative person.

What happens when you agree to split the utility bills, but then she complains that you use way more electricity than she does? Or if she nitpicks about how often you wash your laundry compared to her?

Giving and taking is important when you live together. Sometimes, it can be impossible to split everything fairly. It’s best to avoid moving in with someone who doesn’t understand that.

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4. Failing to clean up after themselves

5 things to know before renting an apartment with a friend 2
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You’d think that it would be common sense for people to clean up after themselves, but no. Some people actually like living in an organised mess.

On the other end of the spectrum, some people will call you at 3pm asking you to come home from work and hang your laundry up in a more systematic manner - and while you’re at it, would you please arrange your books in alphabetical order, too?

The neater person will often end up doing extra housework, which can be unfair. And remember that if someone attracts bedbugs or cockroaches, you have to live in the same house as them.

Personal space management and hygiene (or the perceived lack of it) are common sources of fights. You'll want to pick a friend whose standard of hygiene matches yours.

5. Party Animal versus Party Pooper

Personality clashes ensue when two very different people share a common space.
If you’re a party pooper, it would be wise to choose a friend who also enjoys the same lifestyle. If you do rent an apartment with a party animal, be prepared to be woken up at 2am or called with requests that you receive a drunk friend at the doorstep.

Also, if your flatmate has run-ins with the security guards or landlords over loud parties, remember you’ll get into trouble too (your names are both on the Tenancy Agreement). And any damage to the property from beer pong or sofa diving will come out of the security deposit. That means you could end up paying for it, even if you weren’t responsible.

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