After 20 years, Bon Jovi returns to Singapore in electrifying gig

After 20 years, Bon Jovi returns to Singapore in electrifying gig

They played hits such as You Give Love A Bad Name, It’s My Life, Bad Medicine and Livin’ On A Prayer on Sunday (Sep 20).

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SINGAPORE: It has been 20 years since US rock band Bon Jovi last played in Singapore, but their amazing gig on Sunday (Sep 20) as part of the 2015 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix proved that good things come to those who wait.

It had all the ingredients for a brilliant rock concert: music that got people's hearts racing, throngs of sweaty, enthusiastic fans ready to party, and a band that knew how to get them moving.

The Padang Stage erupted in screams when Bon Jovi front man Jon Bon Jovi stepped on stage and opened with upbeat songs such as their evergreen hit You Give Love A Bad Name and Raise Your Hands. The atmosphere was electrifying as fans sang along with Bon Jovi while waving home-made signs and the odd T-shirt to express their love for the rock star and his band.

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Bon Jovi fans were out in force. (Photo: Han Wei Chou)

Although he is already 53, and appeared to have to used a little more effort to hit the high notes in some of his songs, Bon Jovi remains a veritable force of nature and oozed charisma. He made it a point to constantly engage the audience and get them pumped. Few performers are able to instantly connect to their audience and have them eating out his hand like he does.

“My brothers and sisters, I travelled a long way to be here. I came back here for one reason and one reason only. I want to hear you scream!” said Bon Jovi, clad in impossibly tight pants as he strutted across the stage.

And scream the audience did, as Bon Jovi launched into a string of their hit songs such as It’s My Life and Wanted Dead Or Alive. They screamed even louder when the singer abandoned the stage and made his way into the fan area to shake hands with concert-goers towards the end of the show, stopping ever so often to get his picture taken with an eager fan.

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Bon Jovi was as charismatic as ever during his Singapore gig. (Photo: Han Wei Chou)

Following a rousing performance of their classic hit Bad Medicine along with a few more songs, the excitement at the Padang Stage reached its peak when Bon Jovi launched into their final song of the evening Livin’ On A Prayer.

“Whoa, we're half way there. Whoa, livin' on a prayer! Take my hand and we'll make it I swear
Whoa, livin' on a prayer!” screamed the audience, singing along to one of Bon Jovi’s most iconic songs and pumping their fists in the air.

Bon Jovi kept revving up the crowd until he was satisfied with the energy level, before finally ending his gig, and this year’s race weekend amid ear-shattering screams and thunderous applause. It had been twenty years since Bon Jovi’s last gig in Singapore, and judging from the audiences' reactions, it was indeed well worth the wait.

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Source: CNA/wl