Andie Chen, Kate Pang welcome baby daughter

Andie Chen, Kate Pang welcome baby daughter

Weighing 3.65kg and measuring 52cm, Andie Chen's daughter Avery also shares the same birthday as him.

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Andie Chen and Kate Pang after the birth of their second child. (Photo: Andie Chen)

SINGAPORE: Local celebrity couple Andie Chen and Kate Pang welcomed their second child at Mount Elizabeth Hospital on Thursday morning (Jun 16).

Weighing 3.65kg and measuring 52cm, Chen’s daughter Avery, also shares the same birthday as him. “I think it’s romantic,” the 31-year-old said. “Whenever I have my birthday now, I will also think of my daughter,” he explained, adding that this is the best birthday present he has received.

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Actor Andie Chen shares the same birthday with his newborn Avery. (Photo: Andie Chen)

The couple also have a son, Aden, who turns two on Jun 30. “Tiring!” Chen said of being a father again. The actor revealed that he has not had any sleep since Wednesday night, as he has been busy handling interviews and doing administration work.

Pang chose a natural birth without epidural and lost a lot of blood during labour, he said, before assuring that she is “doing fine” now. Her labour lasted for about three to four hours.

In 2014, Chen uploaded a video of his wife giving birth on YouTube, which was his first production for their parenting video account Kandie Network. Similarly, he will be releasing the birth of his daughter online.

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Actress Rui En had a part to play in naming the celebrity couple's daughter. (Photo: Andie Chen)

According to Chen, actress Rui En also played a part in naming their daughter. When he was finding the right name for his second child, Rui En revealed to him that she intends to name her daughter Avery in the future.

Agreeing that it was a nice name, Chen then decided to use it too. He said: “Avery sounds very beautiful and carefree, and I hope my daughter can be like that when she grows up.”

But the Channel 8 actress is not mad. “She’s very happy for me even though I stole her name,” said Chen.

Chen and Pang dated secretly for a year in November 2013, before announcing that they are tying the knot. In April 2015, Pang suffered a miscarriage less than a month into her pregnancy.

Source: CNA/xk