Doo doo doo: Baby Shark swims its way up the Billboard charts

Doo doo doo: Baby Shark swims its way up the Billboard charts

The viral children’s song from Pinkfong reached No 32 over the weekend. The kids were on to something.

Baby Shark
The children's song and video Baby Shark rose to No. 32 on Billboard's Top 40 charts this weekend.

Baby Shark is now a legitimate Billboard Top 40 hit. The viral children’s song from South Korea-based educational brand Pinkfong debuted on Saturday (Jan 12) at No. 32 on the music chart’s Top 40 list, thanks in part to another viral dance challenge (and your friends’ kids, of course).

The song, which is a version of a decades-old campfire song about members of a family of sharks (featuring the earworm lyric “doo doo doo doo doo doo”), went viral in 2016 after Pinkfong released a video, resulting in the Baby Shark Challenge that had people doing their own versions on video.

To date, Baby Shark has garnered 2.1 billion views on YouTube, putting it among the 30 most viewed videos of all time.

Things first clicked in Indonesia after Internet celebrity Amanda Cerny danced along to it on a TV show in 2017, resulting in various other YouTube videos. Even the likes of Ellen Degeneres and James Corden released their own Baby Shark videos. K-pop groups such as BLACKPINK, Red Velvet and Girls’ Generation also did their own versions in concerts and TV shows.

A 2007 YouTube video titled Kleiner Hai in Germany is regarded as the starting point for the Baby Shark craze.

Source: CNA/mm