Is Benedict Cumberbatch the only actor who knows how Avengers: Infinity War will end?

Is Benedict Cumberbatch the only actor who knows how Avengers: Infinity War will end?

Doctor Strange admits to CNA Lifestyle that he’s one of the few people who has read the entire script.

Avengers Infinity War Benedict Cumberbatch Doctor Strange
Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange (left) makes his Avengers debut alongside Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark and Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner in Avengers: Infinity War. (Photo: Marvel Studios)

For a film as massive and heavily shrouded in secrecy as Avengers: Infinity War, it should come as no surprise that the star-studded cast was not permitted to read the entire script for fear of leaks.

Yet here comes thespian-turned-superhero Benedict Cumberbatch, who admitted to Channel NewsAsia that he belongs to a very small and select group of people who has read the script.

Yes, the whole entire thing.

Does this mean Doctor Strange is more special than Iron Man, given that actor Robert Downey Jr has already denied knowing how the movie ends?

“I’m not that special. I’m just kind of old-fashioned and English,” explained the 41-year-old actor, who will be making his proper Avengers debut.

“I’ve held a lot of state secrets when it comes to script-reading. Whether it’s Sherlock episodes, whether it’s not being able to talk about playing Khan (in Star Trek: Into Darkness). I’m kind of the keeper of secrets. And that’s fine. I’m good with it!”

However, Cumberbatch did try to clarify what his supposed intel on the film’s ending actually is.

“I read a script. It’s not necessarily what we’re going to see in the film. Even the small contribution I’ve made to this massive old jigsaw puzzle… I don’t know. Who knows?” he said, with a smile.

Avengers: Infinity War opens in Singapore on Apr 25.

Source: CNA/gl(pw)