Video: Boyce Avenue loves you, but don't fight over their sweat towels

Video: Boyce Avenue loves you, but don't fight over their sweat towels

Band member Daniel Manzano tells CNA Lifestyle which brother he thinks is the most annoying, and that he’s excited to wear out his credit card in Singapore.

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SINGAPORE: Boyce Avenue is set to return for a one-night concert, and the band is looking forward to maybe doing a little shopping while they’re here.

Currently one of the biggest independent bands in the world, Boyce Avenue is comprised of the three Manzano brothers Daniel, Fabian and Alejandro, who named their band by combining the names of two of the streets they lived on growing up in Florida.  

Their covers and original songs are vastly well-received, especially on YouTube, where their channel has over 11 million subscribers. That’s more than the channels of Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus or Sam Smith.

Popular covers include Timberlake’s Mirrors, which has garnered more than 159 million views; as well as Five For Fighting’s Superman and Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car, both of which have earned more views than the original videos. The band has also sold over 10 million songs and seen over one billion streams.

The brothers last performed here three years ago, during which Daniel, 37, says he enjoyed great food and even a few rounds of golf. He’s particularly looking forward to wearing his credit card out a little while he’s here. “I like to do a lot of shopping in Singapore. I think the shopping’s fantastic,” he said.

What’s more, fans here in Asia are “incredibly supportive” and “among the most passionate in the entire world”, he said. “We’re always getting amazing gifts and incredibly sweet gestures. Usually it’s things that are local and very traditional, or they give us some insight into the culture.”

At their upcoming concert here in Singapore, the band promises to perform favourite hits like Be Somebody, One Life, Yellow and Find Me.

Boyce Avenue Live In Singapore 2018 takes place on Jun 7 at 8pm at The Star Theatre at The Star Performing Arts Centre. Tickets from S$98 to S$138 from, booking hotline 31588588 and SingPost outlets.

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