Whole sea bass, bottarga and sea urchin: The Italian coast is calling at Sinfonia Ristorante

Whole sea bass, bottarga and sea urchin: The Italian coast is calling at Sinfonia Ristorante

CNA Lifestyle Experiences presents an exclusive five-course meal, complete with off-menu items, at Victoria Concert Hall with Sardinian-born chef Simone Depalmas.

Sinfonia chili crab trofie
Handmade trofie pasta with fresh crab meat. (Photo: Sinfonia Ristorante)

Within 20 minutes of meeting Simone Depalmas, the Italian chef had already convinced us that it was a good – no, an infallible – idea to pack our bags at once and move to Sardinia.

This was not just because he was feeding us with creations inspired by the Italian coast such as squid ink tagliolini with king prawn and bottarga, and smoked mackerel on grilled polenta cakes, showcasing the culinary heritage of his home country.

Sinfonia Chef Simone Depalmas
Chef Simone Depalmas. (Photo: Sinfonia Ristorante)

But as we were stuffing our faces, the 40-year-old chef – who has lived in Singapore for the past five years with his wife and son – also showed us his selfies relaxing on the beach against a backdrop of white Sardinian sand and impossibly turquoise waters. And it became increasingly clear that the only life worth living was the Mediterranean island life.

Depalmas is the executive chef of Sinfonia Ristorante at the Victoria Concert Hall. Formerly FOO’D By Davide Oldani, the restaurant was rebranded in April, retaining the same staff and decor but offering a whole new menu. Having worked with Michelin-starred Oldani to open the restaurant in Dec 2016, Sinfonia now offers a menu designed by Depalmas himself.

And you're invited to explore his Mediterranean flavours right here in our tropics.

On Jun 28, Chef Depalmas is hosting a special five-course dinner – showcasing exclusive off-menu items and canapes. This is the latest in a series of exclusive events from CNA Lifestyle Experiences.

Sinfonia Ristorante 1
One of the distinctive features of the restaurant, located in the Victoria Concert Hall, is its Corinthian columns. (Photo: Sinfonia Ristorante)

One notable off-menu item is the Mediterranean sea bass. The large fish, weighing between 4kg and 6kg, is flown in from Italy and served just off the bones from a live station.

“It is simply baked in a sea salt crust. When guests arrive, I open it up at the station. The flesh is very white and very juicy – it’s amazing. I serve it finished only with extra virgin olive oil, because the quality of the fish is super,” he said. “This kind of dish can only be done when you have very fresh fish.”

Sinfonia fish
Salt-baked fish. (Photo: Sinfonia Ristorante)

When it comes to seafood especially, Depalmas is very particular about showcasing its freshness. “For me, this is the best way to eat fish. It’s the same with live prawn or scampi – just steam or grill it and finish it with olive oil. Don’t put any sauce on top – if you do that, it’s because you want to cover the taste. It makes no sense,” he asserted. 

Back home in Sardinia, “When I’m on the beach, I take the shellfish straight from the sea and eat it – it’s so fresh.”


It’s easy to think that he’d rather be working on his tan at home in Italy, but he also loves living in Singapore, he said, citing the ready availability of good food late at night as one of the reasons.

Many of his dishes are a nod to local obsessions, such as angel hair served with sea urchin. “In Singapore, you put sea urchin on everything,” he chuckled.

Then there’s a cauliflower soup that he’s very proud of. “This one is so nice. In Singapore, you like cauliflower so much. But it’s interesting because I put roasted prawn on top,” he said, which gives the flavours more dimension.

Sinfonia cauliflower soup
Cauliflower soup with roasted prawn. (Photo: Sinfonia Ristorante)

There’s also his chili crab pasta. “I make it with trofie pasta, which is very interesting. It’s a handmade pasta typical in the Liguria region. You prepare long pieces, press each one, and move down the line, one by one,” he said.

One of the dishes that left a silly smile on our faces was his bruleed chicken liver mousse with truffle, served with roasted focaccia. The burnt caramel crunch – dare we say it? – rang out in symphony with the unctuous liver flavoured with wines including Madeira, marsala and port.

Sinfonia liver pate
Truffle chicken liver brulee garnished with leek and local herbs. (Photo: Sinfonia Ristorante)

But we’re not sure if it was also because Chef had generously invited us to come and grill with him on the beach in Sardinia, showing us photos of little brown piglets sizzling merrily in front of crystal waters, white sand and an azure Sardinian sky.

Sinfonia Sardinia
Sardinia has beautiful beaches. (Photo: sardinianbeaches.com)

“Back home, after work, I go straight to the beach and have a drink. Everybody knows me. I grill with ingredients as simple as aubergines – I roast them for hours until they’re black outside and creamy inside, and then I just scrape out the insides and eat it on bread,” he said, smacking his lips happily.

Can we be friends forever, Chef?

Meet Chef Simone Depalmas at Sinfonia Ristorante X CNA Lifestyle Experiences: Five-course dinner with complimentary canapes (S$78++). Wine pairing presentation by Alan Au, sommelier. Reserve a seat by sending an email with your request to info@sinfonia.com.sgAlternatively, call 6385 5588.

WHEN: June 28, 7pm
WHERE: 11 Empress Place, #01-01 Victoria Concert Hall


Macaron with blue cheese and truffle
Crispy prawn, ginger sauce
Duck gelatine

Truffle, chicken liver brulee, leek, local herbs, roasted focaccia

Cauliflower soup, roasted prawn

Spicy chili crab trofie pasta

Flaming salt-crusted Mediterranean seabass
Roasted beef rib-eye

Chocolate brownie
Fruit tart

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